Filters make complaints about the actors’ noses disappear.

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Recently, due to the addition of thick filters, many TV dramas being broadcast have become the focus of discussion. The hit show, “the first sight” and “the south of the legend” make complaints about the nose of the audience tucking away by the beautiful coloured coloring with high saturation and high light filters. In order to increase the texture, the housewife adds a gray filter, which is difficult for many viewers to accept. There are many kinds of filters to be broadcast, which have also been criticized by the audience. The creation method of domestic dramas that rely too much on filters has once again become the focus of attention

Filters make complaints about the actors’ noses disappear.

recently, the most controversial idol drama on the filter is falling in love at first sight. “Falling in love at first sight” starring Chen xingxu, Zhang Jingyi and Lin Yanjun is an idol romantic drama of the Republic of China, but this drama does not follow the style of the Republic of China, but the “local tyrant style”. The protagonists are young marshals, young masters and the daughter of the first chaebol in Shanghai. They wear exquisite clothes and live in luxury. They show a strong upstart temperament from super cruise ships to street scenes, hotels and houses in greater Shanghai. The drama of the play is very fake, and the late stage is equipped with high saturation filter, plus the story of “family level”, which makes the audience make complaints about the drama. Under the thick filter and high saturation color matching, the lying silkworm, bridge of nose and medium-sized man of the hero in many lenses are almost worn out. The facial features of the actors in the play have lost their three-dimensional sense and become the “white skin face” of the whole staff. Their faces are covered with a layer of white fog. There are no lines, light and shadow, and their expressions are difficult to move. What’s more, they can’t see the micro expression symbolizing the performance level. The whole is very fake. After being tasked by the audience, the play was said to have been re adjusted, adjusted the filter, increased the level of scene sense, and restored the ancient feeling. Make complaints about the degree of skin abrasion slightly reduced after adjustment, but the tone of high saturation color is still there. P>

, similarly, the “Costa red biography”, a drama starring Ju Jing, was also make complaints about the exaggerated “net red filter”, which was a strong “beauty” wind, and persuaded many audiences. p>

Filters make complaints about the actors’ noses disappear.(1)

“falling in love at first sight” is bright, high color contrast, and the whole film is red and pink, while “being the mother of the family” starring Jiang Qinqin and Yang Rong is gray, which is described by netizens as “The main color is gloomy, which gives people a gloomy feeling. If you don’t know it, you think it’s a horror film.” the exquisite clothing style of being the mother of the family continues the style of Yanxi strategy. Yanxi strategy draws inspiration from the original color of ancient paintings, and the color is cold, which makes the Morandi color system popular. This serious and low extravagant visual effect has also won the praise of “texture”. Make complaints about the color of the master, and even lower the color number. This is to make the texture add up. I did not expect the audience to feel a bit depressed. Also make complaints about the TV drama “the sword in the snow” and “wind up Longxi”. The tone of the snow is too green, and every hair of the Tucao actor is in green light. And the wind rises in Longxi. To make complaints about the texture and color of the screen,

make complaints about the filters too serious. This also lets the audience tuck up. If the domestic opera turns off the beauty filter, there may not be many of them to read. Before, the thick filter of the idol drama such as sweet crit and perfect relationship has been criticized, and the new The Legend Of White Snake version. Make complaints about the color line. Many of the play abuses the filter, has been tasked with the audience and objections, why the controversy caused by filters has been there?

Filters make complaints about the actors’ noses disappear.(2)

the filter itself is not wrong, and for domestic dramas, historical dramas, espionage dramas, formal dramas, family dramas and idols Dramas and other different types of dramas have their own tonal characteristics. No war in Beiping, Langya list, pretender And other word-of-mouth works also add color to the texture of the play with simple and dark colors, but the colors of these plays are not completely completed by one click color matching in the later stage, but the texture colors finally generated through the use of natural light source, candle light source and lighting. These plays focus on gray texture colors, but do not sacrifice the sense of hierarchy, vision and close range of the picture The audience can see that it is not as simple as painting a layer of filter, but a quality pursuit of the creator.

however, after the rise of filter, in many idol dramas, high-intensity filter has become the “fig leaf” of the works. Filter technology “saves” with its own strength The whole industry chain of idol drama is. Thick filters can improve the appearance of actors; later color matching and filters can also virtualize the background, making it difficult to distinguish between matting and real scenes; thick filters can save clothing, makeup and unprofessional lighting; in the early stage, work overtime and make-up, and add filters in the later stage. It seems that all problems can be solved… We can most feel the proliferation of thick filters in domestic idol drama It’s the members of the platform who spent money to recharge. They wanted to watch HD and Blu ray, but the video modulated by thick filter, even if Blu ray is turned on, they still see the actors’ severely skinned faces.

it’s said that the legend of demon cat For a scene where Yang Guifei looks back and smiles, she has tried many combinations of light, such as the light of lanterns, the light of candles, LED light bands, and multi-layer light effect color matching in the later stage. Domestic idol dramas can’t do the delicacy of the big screen, but they can’t “one key filter” Cover up the ugly. If a play pursues lens scheduling, the use of light and shadow, carefully selected scenes, extreme makeup, scientific lighting and wonderful editing, will the creator be willing to add thick high saturation filters to the play? Many play filters are for the pursuit of unique texture, but more play abuse filters to make up for the lack of preliminary work