German health minister severely warned: either vaccinate, recover or die

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according to several media reports such as the guardian and the daily mail, at a press conference held on the 22nd, German health minister Jens Spahn severely warned: “Maybe by the end of winter, like a bit of irony, almost everyone in Germany will either get vaccinated, recover or die.”

the fourth wave of epidemic has overwhelmed hospitals. Spang warned that the situation in the national intensive care unit is “extremely critical”. Spang said: “many of our hospitals are facing very, very difficult situations.”

Spang said that the highly infectious delta variant strain is promoting a new round of infection. “Anyone who has not been vaccinated will be infected in the next few months and lack protection.”

“this is why we are so eager to recommend vaccination.” spang reiterated his appeal: “freedom means responsibility, and vaccination is the responsibility of society.”

currently only 68% of German vaccination rates are among the lowest in Western Europe. But at the same time, according to the Robert Koch Institute of German CDC, 30643 new cases of new crown were detected in Germany, 22, an increase of 50% over the previous week, and the incidence rate in Germany also increased to 386 per 100 thousand people. Cases once exceeded 60000, a new high.

up to now, the number of death cases in Germany’s new crown has been close to 100000, reaching 99130, and more than 5.4 million confirmed cases.

in this regard, outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted that the current epidemic prevention measures taken by Germany are not enough to stop this “record wave” She said that Germany needs stricter restrictions to control this wave of infection.

“we are in a very dramatic situation.” the guardian 22 reported that Merkel said the current measures are not enough.

on November 19, Germany issued new regulations to implement “3G” in workplaces, buses and trains The rules only allow people who have been vaccinated completely, have recovered and provided negative results of COVID-19 nucleic acid test. In public places such as cinemas, gymnasiums and indoor restaurants, the “2G” rule has been introduced. Only vaccination has been allowed, and those who have recovered have entered. Under the severe situation of

, more and more German officials have urged that Austria should be studied and implemented. “Compulsory vaccination” policy.

Lothar Wieler, head of the Robert Koch Institute, a German disease control agency, described compulsory vaccination as a “last resort”, but did not rule out this possibility.

Thomas barei ß, Commissioner for tourism of the Federal government of Germany He said that the situation showed that compulsory vaccination was “inevitable”.

barres told the German news agency: “looking back on the past, it was wrong not to see this from the beginning. The hope at that time was understandable, but not realistic.”

however, as she is about to leave office, the Merkel Government has not given a clear plan on the vaccine policy. Merkel’s spokesman made it clear that “there is no decision on this matter now, and the current government will not make another decision.”

not only Germany, but also the recent sharp rise of new European crown cases has once again become the “epicenter” of the epidemic Reuters reported that Europe accounted for more than half of the world’s average seven day number of infections and about half of the deaths, the highest since April last year. The World Health Organization warned that the number of new crown deaths had increased by 5% compared with last week.

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trend chart of cases in European countries since BBC

neighboring Germany and Austria, due to the sharp rise of confirmed cases, began to implement the fourth national “city closure” on the 22nd , at least 10 days, up to 20 days. During this period, people are not allowed to go out except for going to work, buying necessary goods and exercising, and shops selling non essential goods must suspend business. Because the vaccination rate is only 65%, Austria also announced that it will implement a compulsory vaccination policy from February 1 next year, becoming the first country in Europe to have compulsory vaccination.

on the one hand, there is a rush On the other side of the government that formulated the vaccine policy, there were protesters. Austria’s epidemic prevention measures triggered large-scale protests. On the 20th, 40000 people took to the streets of the capital Vienna to protest this measure and clashed with the police.

at the same time, at the weekend, violent protests broke out in European countries such as the Netherlands, Billy, Croatia and France, resulting in thousands of injuries.

Recently, there has been a surge in infection cases in the Netherlands, a neighboring country of Germany, with more than 23000 new cases on the 22nd. To this end, the Netherlands has tightened anti epidemic measures, required bars, restaurants, supermarkets and other business places to be closed in advance, and banned spectators from watching sports events. However, this has also led to three consecutive days of violent protests, and at least 145 people have been arrested.

according to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) 22, WHO (WHO) regional director Hans Kruger (Hans Henri P.Kluge) said she was very worried about the rising coronavirus case in Europe. “Unless there are measures to strengthen the whole Europe, there may be about 500000 deaths by next spring,” said

Krueger. “COVID-19 has once again become our region (Europe). “We know what needs to be done to fight the virus – such as vaccination, wearing masks and using vaccine passes.” he added that mandatory vaccination measures should be regarded as “last resort”, but “legal and social debate” on this issue would be “very timely”