Guo Jingfei and Wang Luodan partner in the new play: breaking into the world of “Shanghai drift”

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Beijing, Shanghai, November 16 (reporter Xu Yin) – directed by Mengji and starring Guo Jingfei and Wang Luodan, the TV drama “the world of two people” held a launch conference in Shanghai on the 15th. The starring Guo Jingfei, Wang Luodan, Shaowen and Wang Wenna attended the event

it is reported that the TV series “the world of two people” tells the story of Xu Dongyang, a “Shanghai drift” youth played by Guo Jingfei, and Li Wenjia, played by Wang Luodan, from meeting, knowing each other to falling in love and growing up and struggling together. The two in the play met due to SARS in 2003, met and separated in the torrent of fate, and met again in the “new crown” anti epidemic in 2020. From acquaintance and love to family formation, they support each other and work together. They have both happy memories and unspeakable difficult choices

Guo Jingfei lamented that his experience had many similarities with Xu Dongyang. “I can even vaguely smell the tension of wandering alone in a strange city when I came to Shanghai for University in 2000”. Now he has lived in this city for more than 20 years. Guo Jingfei said that there are many stories with the mark of the times in the play, which makes him truly feel the “track” of growing up with Shanghai

Guo Jingfei and Wang Luodan partner in the new play: breaking into the world of “Shanghai drift”

actor Wang Luodan. Wang Luodan also has his own understanding of the role played in the play

: “Li Wenjia’s story is not just about an educated youth’s children who want to return to Shanghai, but about the state of mind of all drifters who want to get a foothold in a big city. They want to take root here and keep their loved ones around, but this process is not easy. The bitterness will resonate with all those who are working hard.”

Wang Luodan said that he still remembered the daily life of Shikumen buildings and streets presented in the play. “After shooting so many plays in Shanghai, this play let me experience the real Shanghai culture and human fireworks.”

“Shanghai has temperature, Shanghai citizens have warmth, Shanghai life is very warm, and Shanghai stories are very warm. This play presents the great spirit of the city from the perspective of ordinary people. It is the story of every” Shanghai drift “and the ordinary happiness we create with our hands.” Cui Yi, the chief producer of the play, summarized the world of two people The subject you want to pass.

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the opening press conference of the TV series the world of two people. The director Mengji also described his understanding of life stream works in the video greetings, “We don’t shoot the so-called Shanghai in the pictorial. What we want to shoot is the steaming human true feelings under the tall buildings in Shanghai.”

it is worth mentioning that the play was completed with “8K whole process”, which is the first time in domestic TV dramas. The so-called “whole process” , which means that the whole process from shooting period, pre production and post production period, synthesis period to film output is completed using 8K equipment and post production platform supported by rendering factory – compared with the previous attempts of some 8K technology nodes in the industry, two people’s world has truly achieved the production of “complete production line” and pioneered the industry. (end)