Heavy medical research team found 3 COVID-19 super strong antibodies

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COVID-19 fought with neutralizing antibodies, there were many mutants. Therefore, it is very necessary to develop new broad-spectrum antibody for COVID-19. P>

, under the guidance of two professors, Huang Ailong and Jin Aishun, collaborate with Fudan University, Shanghai University of science and technology, and Wuhan Institute of virus in to screen 3 neutralizing antibodies. These 3 antibodies are not affected by COVID-19 mutation, and they still have the function of blocking the passage of the virus into the body. Through live virus experiments in vivo and in vitro, the team confirmed that these three antibodies played a strong blocking protective effect on virus mutants with strong vitality, such as delta virus strain and South Africa strain

moreover, due to the different targets of these antibodies, they can also work together to prevent the rapid mutation of the virus – just like the front, center and guard in a team, they can jointly defend and deal with the emergence and attack of new mutants</ P>

“these 3 antibodies are super strong antibodies which have broad spectrum and neutralization activity for COVID-19 mutants. They have dual characteristics of prophylactic drugs and therapeutic drugs. They have great clinical application prospects.” Huang Ailong said that the 3 antibodies screened could be manufactured by genetic engineering to achieve large-scale production. At present, Chongyi is jointly developing relevant drugs with internationally renowned antiviral drug experts, and is expected to enter clinical research early next year