Here you are, my new business card will be broadcast to unlock the other side of Zhang Yixing

By yqqlm yqqlm

Beijing, Nov. 15 (Xinhua) it is reported that the variety show “here you are, my new business card” will be broadcast on November 20. The program will unlock Zhang Yixing’s B-side life for the audience through the fourth phase of Quanxing planning

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tiktok, my new name card, will be a creative and customized variety produced by Hunan and TVs. It will produce four different reality shows for each group of artists. Each season will be customized around the characteristics of a group of artists. Show the B-side life of stars different from conventional cognition

the first season of the program was launched with Zhang Yixing’s Quanxing plan. It is reported that Zhang Yixing will go to the streets of Changsha to shoot the MV of Xiangjiang River water, go to the campus to promote the national style street dance, and spend a day with his grandfather

in addition to Zhang Yixing, other heavy guests are about to unlock, and the lineup is worth looking forward to. The program not only unlocks the B-side life of guests from the perspective of their new identity, but also includes happy daily life, challenging life, environmental protection, etc., so as to lead to multi-dimensional life perception</ P>

tiktok, name of the new name card for you, will be officially launched on the Saturday November 20th, and will be broadcast in November 21st by Hunan satellite TV. p>