How do young directors make good films? Screenwriter Zhang Ji: express yourself bravely

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Beijing, November 15 (Xinhua) “a new generation of young creators need to seize the opportunity to express their courage.” recently, the reality show “start shooting a movie” created by a young director produced by iqiyi released such a message from senior filmmakers and released a commercial promotional film

How do young directors make good films? Screenwriter Zhang Ji: express yourself bravely

many film industry pioneers, such as Yaning, President of iqiyi film, director Xu Anhua, producer Wang Yibing, producer and screenwriter zhangjialu, screenwriter Zhang Ji, director and screenwriter Dong Runnian, expressed their expectations for young filmmakers in the promotional film, I hope they can do their best to present better film and television works for viewers

the industry promotion film “let’s start shooting” brought together many senior filmmakers such as Yaning, Xu Anhua, Wang Yibing and Zhang Ji, sending sincere industry messages to young directors. Zhang Ji, a famous screenwriter, once said that as a creator, we should have both the soul of China and the vision of the world. In the promotional film, he encouraged all young creators to bravely find opportunities to express themselves

Yaning, President of iqiyi film, also talked to young directors in the promotional film: “whether it’s a literary film or a commercial film, you must be able to take care of ordinary people’s lives and experience ordinary people’s feelings.” these senior filmmakers expressed their expectations for the six young filmmakers in the program from different perspectives, Behind the words, we can see that iqiyi is gathering all the strength in the industry to provide diversified support for young filmmakers as much as possible

How do young directors make good films? Screenwriter Zhang Ji: express yourself bravely(1)

but as the producer zhangjialu said in the promotional film, the film industry has been undergoing various tests since its birth more than 100 years ago. Filmmakers have been facing challenges all their life. Creation, capital, market, reputation and other aspects will have an impact on filmmakers, especially for young directors who are ready to go. Therefore, iqiyi platform will practice its industry responsibility, build a miniature production platform for the whole process of film industrialization, provide sufficient creative support to young directors, and truly hand over the microphone to the directors

“let’s start filming” will start with the director’s original script, and open a short film trial field for young directors through a series of processes such as establishing actors, striving for investment, limited time creation, post production, offline viewing and accepting box office inspection. At the same time, the program team invited four top domestic filmmakers, director Chen Kaige, writer Liu Zhenyun, actor Shu Qi and producer Chen Sicheng, to form a green light to help six young directors produce excellent short films from a multi-dimensional perspective. The program focuses on the film industry by truly restoring the whole process of film industrialization to the audience. (end)