How important is the booster injection of the new crown vaccine? That’s what Greece’s top experts say

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, according to reports, the European Center for disease control is expected to see a new wave of large-scale COVID-19, but if more than 75% of the population is vaccinated against the new crown vaccine, the impact of the epidemic will be reduced. If the vaccine coverage exceeds 85%, the impact will be smaller</ P>

reported that COVID-19 could cause reinfection compared with other coronaviruses. After vaccination, the antibody concentration reaches the highest in 3 months. After that, the probability of re infection with the new crown will increase. Until the 16th month, a large part of people who have been infected with the virus will be infected again

the anti epidemic effect of the third vaccine is outstanding

sodiris chiodras, a top epidemiologist in Greece, mentioned at the meeting that the third vaccine has 11 times the effect of preventing infection and 20 times the effect of preventing severe illness and death. He said that if most countries use the new crown vaccine to strengthen the needle, it can not only prevent natural infection, but also prevent severe illness and death</ P>

said that with the time of vaccination, the possibility of infection with COVID-19 will increase, and those with underlying diseases and the elderly will be more susceptible to infection. P>

said that “this virus is more likely to cause reinfection than all other coronaviruses and influenza viruses, especially in the case of COVID-19 and winter.” of course, this is also true this year. ”

also pointed out that 20% of people over 60 years old in Greece had no vaccination. These people are at high risk</ P>

new crown vaccine can protect the new crown vaccine of children

, and the model of the food and Drug Administration and centers for Disease Control and prevention of the United States shows that vaccinated children aged 5 to 11 years are less likely to infect COVID-19, and the rate of residence will be lower. p>

on October 18 and November 15 local time, the European Drug Administration reviewed Pfizer vaccine and Modena vaccine respectively. Two months later, the European Drug Administration decided to vaccinate children aged 5 to 11</ P>

in addition to the new crown vaccine, these measures are also important.

Qi said that in the winter of 2021, COVID-19 will interact with other viruses and affect people’s health, and stressed that influenza vaccination in November is very important. p>

as for the new drugs of Xinguan, he pointed out that they had been approved in the UK last week and a cross-border agreement was being reached on their use. He added that these drugs may be expensive, but they are cheaper than other treatments. If they are treated in the first few days, the medical cost will be reduced by 50%</ P>

, COVID-19, predicts that evolution will affect what happens in the short term. “Importantly, we have not escaped the threat of serious diseases and deaths. However, the decline of people’s immunity will eventually lead most countries to adopt the third dose of vaccine as a protective measure, not only to prevent natural infection, but also to prevent severe illness and death. It is impossible for us to inhibit the spread of the virus.”

reported, Chiodras also suggested that people use masks indoors, pay attention to hand hygiene and enhance virus detection and control. He said these measures, together with vaccination, will help people spend a very difficult winter

on the evening of November 21 local time, the Greek National Public Health Organization announced that in the past 24 hours, 4108 new cases of new crowns were confirmed in Greece, and 76 new crowns died on the same day. (sun Mingmin)