Hubble Telescope captured the brilliant “cosmic fireworks” of NGC 6984 Galaxy

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cc5641da464a062 - Hubble Telescope captured the brilliant "cosmic fireworks" of NGC 6984 Galaxy

the new observation was made after an extremely rare astronomical event – a double supernova in NGC 6984. Supernovae are unimaginable large-scale violent explosions triggered by the death of massive stars. These events are powerful, but rare and fleeting – a supernova can illuminate its host galaxy in a very short time. The discovery of two supernovae at almost the same time and place (in Astronomy) prompted astronomers to speculate that the two supernovae may be physically connected in some way

astronomers use the optical and ultraviolet observations of Hubble wide area camera 3 to try to better observe the location of the two supernovae, hoping to let them find out whether the explosions of the two supernovae are really related. Their findings can provide astronomers with important clues to understand the life of binary stars

in addition to helping uncover an astronomical mystery, these new observations add more data to the observations in 2013 and allow the creation of this compelling new image. Each of these observation methods covers only a narrow wavelength range, adding new details and a larger color range to the image