Hubble’s new image shows the mysterious “super bubble” Star cloud hole

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3453da031ab7772 - Hubble's new image shows the mysterious "super bubble" Star cloud hole

a new Hubble Space Telescope image highlights the strangeness of the N44. It is located 170000 light-years away from the earth and is about 1000 light-years wide. NASA said in a statement on Tuesday: “the hole is about 250 light-years wide, and its existence is still a mystery.”

scientists have come up with some possible explanations. Stellar winds from stars in bubbles may push gas away, but data on these winds do not seem to support this idea

NASA said: “another possibility is that because the nebula is full of massive stars, which will fail in the explosion of Titanic, the expanding shell of the old supernova shaped the cosmic cave.”

supernova is an impressive explosion that occurs when a dying star kicks into that beautiful night. There will be at least one supernova remnant near the Superbubble

Hubble is a joint project of NASA and ESA. The telescope has been staring at the universe for more than 30 years and is currently experiencing a technical failure that has suspended its scientific observation

NASA and ESA hope to resume the operation of the telescope so that it can continue to provide shocking images and data from space miracles such as N44