Hun Sen: China helps Cambodia achieve vaccination goals

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Novel coronavirus pneumonia, , November 8 (reporter Ouyang Kaiyu) Kampuchea Prime Minister Hong Sen said 8, the new crown pneumonia vaccine helps reduce infection rate and severe rate, China helps Kampuchea achieve the goal of vaccination. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in 68 new cases of pneumonia in Kampuchea on the 8 day of the Ministry of health, p>

. 72 cases were cured and discharged, 6 cases were newly increased, 4 of them were not vaccinated. Among the newly confirmed cases, 61 cases were community-borne infection cases and 7 cases were imported from abroad. So far, Cambodia has diagnosed 119000 cases, cured 115000 cases and died 2835 cases

Hun Sen: China helps Cambodia achieve vaccination goals

the picture shows the uyasi market in the center of Phnom Penh, and many shops have resumed business. China News Agency reporter Ouyang Kaiyu photo

according to the statistics of Cambodia’s national vaccination Committee, up to now, 13.93 million people in Cambodia have been vaccinated with Xinguan vaccine, accounting for 87% of the country’s total population of 16 million. Among them, 13.13 million people have completed the second dose of vaccination and 1.95 million people have completed the third dose of vaccination

according to the national vaccination Committee of Cambodia, a total of 157000 5-year-old children have been vaccinated, accounting for 51.8% of the target group; A total of 1948000 children aged 6 to 11 have been vaccinated, exceeding the vaccination target; 1794000 adolescents aged 12 to 17 have been vaccinated, accounting for 98.21% of the target group; 10.02 million people over the age of 18 have been vaccinated, exceeding the 10 million vaccination target

Hun Sen said that the new crown vaccine has guaranteed the health of Cambodian people and enabled Cambodia to fully reopen the country. The new crown vaccine has also helped Cambodia reduce the infection rate and severe disease rate. Schools across the country resumed classes on November 1, and about 3 million teachers and students returned to school, but the number of infected people is very small

Hun Sen: China helps Cambodia achieve vaccination goals(1)

Hun Sen pointed out that Cambodia’s strategic reliance on China for vaccine supply is the right decision. China’s assistance has enabled Cambodia to have enough vaccines to quickly achieve the vaccination goal</ P>

Hong Sen said that the government will allow people to hold weddings. In order to prevent COVID-19, the national anti epidemic Committee has formulated the standard procedures for wedding epidemic prevention, including measures to limit the maximum number of guests to 200 people. The government will continue to pay attention to the epidemic situation and gradually relax the wedding restrictions. (end)