Intermittent fasting, ketogenic diet… Uncover the scientific truth of anti-aging diet

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for a long time, the cosmetics industry has boasted that relevant products have the so-called anti-aging characteristics. If skin beautifying products are applied to the skin, human youth will last forever, Now researchers are not satisfied with just painting skin beauty products on the body. They pay more attention to how to make changes in the human body and begin to apply food therapy to the anti-aging treatment of the human body

how does the scientific community explain this? A review article in the journal Science discussed this issue in depth. Three most popular diets have been widely publicized, which can prolong life and delay age-related functional decline diseases. The three diets are: calorie restriction, that is, to reduce calories while still maintaining good nutritional intake; Intermittent fasting, that is, there is at least 24 hours of intermittent time in human daily diet; Ketogenic diet, that is, dieters limit their carbohydrate intake to 10% or less of their daily calories, so that the body will produce and use ketone molecules as fuel instead of sugary glucose

Intermittent fasting, ketogenic diet… Uncover the scientific truth of anti-aging diet

all these foods have been extensively studied in rodents. What are the effects of these diets? Calorie restriction has a high degree of credibility. When scientists reduce animal calories calorie intake by 20-50%, while maintaining adequate intake of vitamins and minerals, they usually live longer and healthier than normal feeding control groups, and incidence rate of disease is also lower. Intermittent fasting, scientists fasting experimental rodents for 1-2 days, also showed good health effects

however, fasting rodents usually consume fewer calories than the non fasting control group, so the root of the anti-aging benefits of intermittent fasting is only eating less. Finally, some rodent studies have shown that ketogenic diet can slightly prolong life, improve memory and motor function, but critics warn that this study is not so reliable, According to the relevant evidence of other animal experiments, caloric restriction and intermittent fasting have more significant anti-aging effects

Intermittent fasting, ketogenic diet… Uncover the scientific truth of anti-aging diet(1)

but should we trust this study when deciding how people eat healthily? Despite the recent popularity of anti-aging diet, there is no conclusive evidence that anti-aging diet on laboratory animals has substantial long-term health benefits for non obese people, the researchers said

however, the long-term diet without proper diet control is also beneficial to longevity. Interesting anecdotes abound. The most attractive one is the Okinawa residents in Japan. It is estimated that Okinawa island residents consume 20% fewer calories than mainland residents, of which about 85% comes from carbohydrates. The incidence rate of age-related disease is very low in the areas with the longest life expectancy and the highest percentage of centenarians in the world, including cancer, heart disease, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. p>

although the lifestyle of Okinawa residents seems to be important for longevity, the researchers do not recommend that people try to imitate their diet or any other anti-aging diet without the guidance of medical or nutrition experts. After all, these dietary interventions can bring far-reaching biological effects. Such diet may be beneficial to some people but harmful to others. In addition, failure to pay attention to dietary details may lead to undernutrition of dieters. More importantly, humans are not rodents, and experiments on rodents often do not work for humans. (Ye Qingcheng)