Isolation is not lonely: home people “fancy” to relieve boredom

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China novel coronavirus pneumonia in Yinchuan, November 7, November, Xinhua, November: Topic: isolation is not alone: people at home are “bored” by . Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia has spread to many provinces in China, many people have been receiving medical observation at home. p>

how to relieve boredom at home

open the social platform and search for “chess”… In the days of home isolation, “post-90s” Li Yanan mastered a new skill – chess. Li Yanan admitted that the reason for learning chess is largely to spend time

as Li Yanan said, it seems that the hurried time seems to slow down during home stay. “On weekdays, colleagues may not have time to play together, but in the days of isolation, we will play flying chess online,” Li Yanan said

Isolation is not lonely: home people “fancy” to relieve boredom

while staying at home, Guo Jie picked up the accordion she hadn’t touched for 15 years. Photo provided by the interviewee

Guo Jie, a citizen of Yinchuan, picked up an accordion that he hadn’t touched in 15 years. She said that after working at home, she picked up the accordion, on the one hand, to “find something to do” for herself, on the other hand, it is also to meditate and cultivate sex and enjoy the happiness of living alone

for Mr. Wu, a citizen of Yinchuan, the biggest change in home closure is “taking three meals a day more seriously”. “I’m busy at work at ordinary times. I eat in the canteen at noon. In the evening, I usually cook some fast food for a simple meal.” but during my stay at home, Mr. Wu has to seriously discuss “what to eat today” with his wife every day. Over the past few days, the couple’s cooking has improved a lot. The dishes they cook at noon every day are not heavy. On weekends, they will eat hot pot and barbecue at home with a sense of ceremony

and I always shout about things I don’t have time to do. Now I can’t find a reason not to do them. During the days of isolation at home, Mr. Wu would watch a movie with his wife every night. “Two people have something they want to do together and something they can do separately, so they won’t lose the freshness of marriage.” Mr. Wu said that the couple had three meals and four seasons, and home isolation didn’t disturb their lives

of course, we have not forgotten the “most lovely people” who stick to the front line

recently, there has been snowfall in many places in China. Many people who live in isolation have more figures in the circle of friends who stick to the snow

Xi Yongjian, a railway worker isolated at home, created a group of anti epidemic ceramic sculptures according to the photos of his colleagues’ on-site operation, so as to cheer everyone on. “During the epidemic, I was very moved to see my colleagues stick to their posts silently. Although I was isolated at home, I can also show their most beautiful appearance at work in my own way.”

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during his stay at home, Xi Yongjian, a conductor of Yinchuan passenger depot, created anti epidemic ceramic sculptures based on his colleagues. Photo provided by the interviewee

journalist Ding Ding recorded what she saw and heard every day during her stay at home: Volunteers running around in the wind and snow, good friends “feeding” food remotely, and accompanying their pet cats…

“many people experience home isolation for the first time, and may be puzzled and afraid,” Ding Ding said, She wants to convey a warm power through her diary to let everyone understand that “during the period of home isolation, there are actually many people taking care of us and helping each other.”

November 7, Lidong. A few days ago, Ding Ding made a wish in his diary: “may you be warm in winter, may you not be cold in spring, and may everything get better in November as soon as possible.” (end)