Lanzhou community epidemic prevention check “at home” health: wisdom and pressure coexist

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(novel coronavirus pneumonia) Lanzhou community epidemic prevention gate “gate gate” health: wisdom and pressure coexist

new net Lanzhou 17 November (Zhang Jing Li Yalong) since the outbreak of the current round of Gansu, as the basic unit of grassroots governance community, become the last “public”. People’s impression of the role of “aunt of the neighborhood committee” is now replaced by a more professional and knowledgeable young generation of community workers, who undertake the important task of “health gatekeeper” at the door of their home

Guo Yan has been engaged in grass-roots work for 12 years. As the first Secretary of pengjiaping community, Qilihe district, Lanzhou City, she has set up a simple hard board bed in the office and lived in the unit for more than 20 consecutive days. She said, “there are five checkpoints in five districts under the jurisdiction, and each checkpoint is arranged with two community cadres, one property manager and one security guard.”

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the picture shows Chen Yuxin, Secretary of the community Party committee of culture palace, Xiyuan street, Qilihe district, Lanzhou, dressed in a red vest, persuading the elderly to return to the area. Photo by Zhang Jing

however, the staffing of such duty points has caused some trouble for Guo Yan to “lead the team”. She said that among the community staff, in addition to three who could not go out in the sealed community, the remaining 10 were fully armed. However, due to the large and newly built community under the jurisdiction of the community, the elegant environment, high occupancy rate and nearly 7000 permanent residents, there is some pressure on the prevention and control work for pengjiaping community with only 10 cadres

“there is a shortage of prevention and control manpower. I’m worried about missing and wrong registration when I go in and out of the gate post, too much demand when I buy daily necessities, and the individual needs of special people can not be fully met.” Guo Yan said that fortunately, I have experienced epidemic prevention work last year and some management and control experience, “After receiving the notice, they set up tents overnight and organized residents’ nucleic acid testing. In order to avoid the situation that the elderly’s ears and mobile phone notification information are not in place, community cadres knock on the door one by one and organize testing one by one.”

Guo Yan said that before residents took the initiative to find the community, it was nothing more than opening a certificate. Now, they have undertaken unnecessary persuasion, door post bayonet, organization of nucleic acid detection, errand shopping, pet feeding, day care of people, and more and more work to participate in residents’ life, with more presence and sense of gain.

when the prevention and control work is carried out in an orderly manner At the same time, enterprises and institutions under the jurisdiction of the community, provincial and municipal cadres, veterans, volunteers and other forces have also participated. Lanzhou officials have also promoted the use of “Xiaolan assistant” Wechat applet, a local epidemic prevention and control platform in Lanzhou, is used to record the flow of people at the gate of all community residential areas and epidemic prevention and control checkpoints in the city.

it is reported that the applet implements “one code for one person and code scanning registration” , through code scanning and registration, personal information about entering and leaving the community can be generated, which can effectively grasp the flow of people in the community. In case of epidemic risk, we can quickly carry out retrospective investigation and achieve accurate prevention and control. With the increase of manpower and the help of big data, Guo Yan’s pressure is significantly relieved.

similarly, working in the community, from “being ignored” to “life is inseparable” , Chen Yuxin, Secretary of the Party committee of the Cultural Palace community, Xiyuan street, Qilihe district, said that the majority of the elderly in his community are the elderly. For the elderly who are weak and ill, can’t get out of bed and have difficulties in daily life, they have a thorough statistics on weekdays. Each community cadre is responsible for 2 to 3 elderly families with special difficulties, and keeps contact information for each other in case of emergency needs.

“In this epidemic prevention and control, big data plays a role in accurate epidemic prevention, but many elderly people can’t use smart phones. They still need traditional paper and pen registration and paper access permits.” Chen Yuxin said that 10 of the 19 communities under the jurisdiction of the community “three don’t care” Building courtyard, they divided the community into four grids, and 65 on duty personnel, including volunteers, stick to it day and night.

“as an external concept, community originally has the connotation of social life community.” Feng Le’an, deputy director and associate researcher of the Institute of public policy of Gansu Academy of Social Sciences, analyzed that due to the rapid promotion of urbanization, residents’ life has become increasingly strange. People can think of the community only when they need to issue some certificates. However, in recent two years, due to the occurrence of the epidemic, the community has become the first line of defense for epidemic prevention and control, making the community promote the role of the community of social life Feng Le’an said that in the future, with the continuous transformation of urban life, diversified needs such as home-based elderly care and child care will continue to emerge, and the role of communities in promoting the modernization of urban social governance will be further strengthened. Grass roots governance requires the joint participation of the government, society and residents. I hope more social groups will participate Organizations and volunteers are widely involved in community work. Only by integrating the forces of all parties can we realize the new situation of co construction, CO governance and sharing of social governance. (end)