Lanzhou Railway Bureau opens “double 11” e-commerce golden week express transportation: “home anti epidemic” rest assured to buy

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China Golden Week novel coronavirus pneumonia () (Lanzhou) Railway Bureau launched the “double 11” business golden week express transportation: “home home epidemic prevention” to buy

new network Lanzhou 1 November (Dong Na Huang Guibin) China Railway Lanzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. 1 announced that since November 1st, the railway “double 11” business week golden week transportation service started, will be from November 1st to 20th peak of the online shopping network. Actively adapt to the market demand for small batch, fast delivery and high added value of e-commerce logistics, make full use of the advantages of high-speed rail network operation, safety and quickness, accurately invest a variety of capacity resources, actively expand characteristic service projects, and provide people with more high-quality and efficient railway express services

since 2016, Lanzhou Railway Bureau, together with China Railway Express Lanzhou Branch, has organized e-commerce golden week transportation services for five times, continuously deepened cooperation with express logistics enterprises such as SF, post and Jingdong, and gradually formed high-quality service brands focusing on high-speed rail products such as “Silk Road high-speed rail express” and “jixuda” of high-speed rail, It has accumulated relatively mature experience in Railway Express service and strongly supported the development of new business forms of e-commerce economy

during this year’s e-commerce golden week, Lanzhou Railway Bureau comprehensively considered epidemic prevention and control, market demand, train operation and other factors, scientifically coordinated safety and transportation, vigorously expanded special service projects such as high-speed rail express, cold chain transportation and luggage car transportation, made every effort to improve the transportation service quality of epidemic prevention and control materials and people’s production and living materials, and helped win the battle of epidemic prevention and control

Lanzhou Railway Bureau opens “double 11” e-commerce golden week express transportation: “home anti epidemic” rest assured to buy

railway staff loaded the goods on the EMU train. Photo by Chen Ziwei

it is understood that during the e-commerce golden week this year, Lanzhou Railway Bureau will launch the following transportation services: first, accurately put in the transportation capacity. According to the market demand and the requirements of Railway Express for suitable goods, make full use of the high-speed rail express cabinet on passenger EMUs, the baggage car on ordinary speed passenger cars and the passenger free high-speed rail confirmation train to put in the transport capacity more accurately. More than 40 high-speed rail passenger multiple units are arranged to use the spare space of the carriage and the high-speed rail express cabinet to transport express mail every day; Four high-speed rail confirmation trains with no passengers and can be loaded with express are arranged to load e-commerce express between Lanzhou West to Xi’an north and Yinchuan to Xi’an north every morning; On the basis of existing transport capacity, organize additional baggage carts in some directions to increase the supply of transport capacity and meet the demand of logistics transportation in an all-round way

Second, optimize service measures. Lanzhou Railway Bureau extends the high-speed rail express service chain, opens up a “green channel” for high-speed rail express, and provides China Railway Express company with “double 11” temporary sorting, transfer operation site and access channel for goods; Coordinate with the transportation department to stop the high-speed rail train to the designated platform to realize the “seamless connection” of goods entering the station and boarding; Accurately meet the transportation needs of epidemic prevention materials, closely cooperate with China Railway Express Lanzhou Branch, actively connect with local health committees, actively establish a contact mechanism with medical and health enterprises and medical testing institutions, dynamically understand the transportation needs of epidemic prevention materials every day, revise the organization scheme of epidemic prevention (emergency) material transportation, and reasonably determine the loading scheme according to the principle of “one batch, one scheme”, Organize vehicles to pick up epidemic prevention and control materials at the designated place, and open up a fast track for station vehicles; At the same time, a “Party member escort commando team of epidemic prevention materials” and a young volunteer service team were established to ensure epidemic prevention and control and rapid loading and unloading of key materials. The service of “special delivery and daily arrival” of epidemic prevention materials from Lanzhou west railway station to Tianshui, Zhangye, Jiayuguan and other cities in the province was provided to ensure that each batch of epidemic prevention materials delivered reached the designated cities in the shortest time to support epidemic prevention and control; Ensure the unloading, transportation, distribution and delivery of epidemic prevention materials and key living materials as soon as possible, and send the care and support from all over the country to the front line of epidemic prevention and control at the first time

the third is to ensure epidemic prevention and control and transportation environment safety. For the goods transported by EMUs, ordinary speed passenger cars and luggage cars, the safety guarantee requirements of “receiving inspection, real name registration and machine security inspection” shall be strictly implemented. Before loading, all goods shall be disinfected one by one. Ordinary goods shall be packed in high-speed railway container bags, special packing boxes and other ways. Cold chain goods shall be packed in specially designed cold chain boxes. All goods shall be packaged clean and tidy without polluting seats and affecting passengers. After transportation, disinfection shall be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of train epidemic prevention and control. Organize a “safety net” for epidemic prevention and control, and resolutely guard the railway epidemic prevention gateway

it is reported that since October 18, Lanzhou Railway Bureau has transported 220 batches, 2753 pieces and 31217 kilograms of epidemic prevention and control and key living materials through high-speed rail express and baggage car. (end)