Macron called on the French people to remain highly vigilant against the epidemic

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China News Agency, Paris, November 10 (reporter Li Yang) – French President macron delivered a national television speech on the evening of 9 local time, calling on the French people to remain highly vigilant against the epidemic and continue to accelerate the vaccination process of Xinguan

for the rebound trend of epidemic data in France and Europe in recent weeks, macron called on the people to be highly vigilant about the current epidemic situation. He pointed out that the incidence rate of new crowns in France has increased significantly in recent weeks, and that the increase in hospitalization is a “dangerous signal”. p>

Macron called on the French people to remain highly vigilant against the epidemic

Ma long long stressed that we have not yet got rid of COVID-19, and those who are influenced by COVID-19 for a long time should be concerned. They lose their sense of smell and smell, feel tired and face mental health problems. He said that the current epidemic prevention measures should be maintained, such as the implementation of health pass measures, wearing masks and maintaining social distance

according to the official data of France, 12746 confirmed cases were added in a single day in France on the 9th, with a total of 7232157 confirmed cases. The cumulative number of deaths in France is now 118023, with 49 new deaths. The number of hospitalized patients in Xinguan, France is now 6865, and the number of severe patients is 1140. At present, the incidence rate of new crown has increased to 75 in every 100 thousand residents and increased by 23% in a week. p>

on the issue of new crown vaccination, macron called for accelerating the vaccination process. He urged the 6 million people who have not yet been vaccinated to be vaccinated as soon as possible. He reiterated that vaccinated people can greatly reduce the risk of hospitalization, and only vaccinated people can have the opportunity to live a normal life

macron announced measures to accelerate the third dose of vaccine. He said that from December 15, people over the age of 65 need to show a third dose of vaccination certificate in order to keep their health pass valid. From December, people aged 50 to 64 began to receive a third dose of vaccine

Macron called on the French people to remain highly vigilant against the epidemic(1)

according to the data of the French Ministry of health, 51.42 million people in France have received at least one dose of vaccine, accounting for 76.2% of the French population; 50.3 million people have completed two doses of vaccination, accounting for 74.6% of the French population

in addition, macron also talked about many focus topics in his TV speech. He said that the conditions for restarting the reform of the pension system are not yet available, and a decision will be made on the relevant reform next year; In order to ensure the energy supply of France, France will restart the construction of nuclear reactors; France should strengthen the domestic manufacturing of key technical components

macron’s speech that night was 27 minutes long, which was his ninth national speech since the epidemic. His last national television speech was on July 12, when France was facing the fourth wave of epidemic. He asked medical staff to be vaccinated. (end)