Many places started the 2022 provincial examination of civil servants and inclined to the front line at the grass-roots level

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Beijing, November 14 (ren Jing) recently, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Beijing and other places released the recruitment announcement of civil servants in 2022. Observing the recruitment policies of various places, the trend of recruitment to grass-roots and fresh students continues. In addition, the selection is more accurate and scientific, and the classification of examination categories is more detailed

Many places started the 2022 provincial examination of civil servants and inclined to the front line at the grass-roots level

starting from the 15th, Beijing authorities at all levels will start online registration for civil servants employed in the 2022 annual examination. According to the recruitment announcement and recruitment brochures recently issued by Beijing Municipal Civil Service Bureau, the recruitment of civil servants involves 4266 positions, compared with 3553 in 2021, The recruitment increased by 713 people

in fact, since late October, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places have successively issued announcements on the recruitment of civil servants in 2022, and the recruitment of civil servants in 2022 has been started

in terms of the recruitment scale of various places, in 2022, the organs and units at all levels in Zhejiang province plan to recruit 6211 civil servants, an increase of 211 compared with 6000 in 2021. The number of civil servants recruited in Jiangsu Province has decreased. Jiangsu Province plans to recruit 8159 civil servants in 2022, a decrease of 14% compared with 9536 in 2021

Many places started the 2022 provincial examination of civil servants and inclined to the front line at the grass-roots level(1)

the recruitment policy continues to tilt towards the grass-roots and fresh students

in this recruitment, the number of recruits from grass-roots departments in all localities accounts for a relatively high proportion, and the recruitment policy further relaxed the restrictions on grass-roots personnel

Taking Jiangsu as an example, 80% of the positions recruited this time are planned to be set in the front line of counties and townships. In addition, in order to serve the Rural Revitalization Strategy, 6 key areas, 2 old revolutionary bases and 12 counties in the provincial level are allowed to recruit 1/3’s recruitment plan to the registered residence or students in the county. It is worth mentioning that the recruitment of Jiangsu has also set up 16 positions and plans to recruit qualified disabled persons with certificates

for another example, in 2022, Zhejiang launched the recruitment plan of 31 civil servants for the first time, explored the recruitment of local township civil servants to the establishment personnel of 26 counties in mountainous areas, and made great efforts to solve the problems of recruitment and retention of grass-roots organs in remote areas

in terms of policies for fresh graduates, Zhejiang and other places also set up special posts for fresh graduates. According to Zhejiang, this recruitment will clearly establish the guidance of supporting employment. Zhejiang has arranged a total of 3268 plans to recruit fresh college graduates, making it clear that the identity requirements for ordinary college graduates in 2020 and 2021 are the positions of ordinary college graduates in 2022

in this regard, Qian Yuying, a professor at the school of politics and public management of Suzhou University, said that on the one hand, this move is to broaden the employment channels of fresh graduates, on the other hand, it is also helpful to realize the youth of grass-roots civil servants

According to the analysis of Zheng Wenzhao, an expert of Huatu Education Research Institute, in recent years, some provinces have advanced the recruitment time of provincial examination, and some regions have also increased the recruitment of fresh college graduates. These are to help and support college students’ employment, broaden employment channels, provide employment convenience, and also conducive to the construction of grass-roots civil servants

Many places started the 2022 provincial examination of civil servants and inclined to the front line at the grass-roots level(2)

the examination categories are more detailed and the selection is more accurate

in the recruitment of civil servants in various provinces and cities in 2022, the division of examination categories is more detailed. Taking Jiangsu Province as an example, the recruitment announcement clearly standardized the examination types, including comprehensive management and professional and technical class a papers of Party and government organs at the provincial, municipal and county levels, administrative law enforcement class B papers and township (street) class C papers, which also provided more clear pre examination guidance for this year’s candidates

in addition to continuing to adhere to the class a examination paper for the position of “personnel with more than 2 years of grass-roots work experience” and the class B examination paper for the position of “unlimited Recruitment”, the professional subjects have also changed from five categories of political law, financial management, information management, urban construction management and health management in 2021 to political law and health management in 2022 (grass roots people’s police), information technology, finance and economics, urban construction and health. “In recent years, whether it is the national examination or the provincial examination, the selection of civil servants has paid more attention to precision and science, further improved the selection efficiency and quality, promoted the graded and classified examination, and continuously enhanced the scientificity of selection, so as to make the selection suitable for posts and personnel.” Zheng Wenzhao said. (end)