Mission to find habitable exoplanets around Alpha Centauri

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in April this year, researchers began to study this project. They pointed out that the nearest stellar neighbors to the earth, Alpha Centauri and neighboring galaxies Centauri, are very interesting. Launching the toliman space telescope is an important step in determining whether there are potential habitable planets in these two systems. The space telescope will search for planets in the “golden hair zone” around the star system, where the surface temperature allows liquid water on the surface of rocky planets

Professor Peter TUTHILL of the Sydney Institute of astronomy at the University of Sydney said that the existing impressive technology is mainly to search for planets running throughout the galaxy. However, we know nothing about the potentially habitable planets in our backyard part of the universe. TUTHILL believes that it is important for us to understand the galaxies close to us, because these nearby galaxies have the best prospects for us to discover and analyze the atmosphere and surface chemistry of exoplanets, and possibly find the fingerprints of the biosphere

Alpha Centauri is a three-star system with two stars very similar to the sun. Any one of the sun like stars (possibly all) could have potentially habitable planets. The third star in the system is a red dwarf called Bilin. The discovery in 2016 shows that it has a planet running in the blonde region. TUTHILL’s project has received support from breakthrough observation, a group of science and technology programs dedicated to the search for extraterrestrial life

according to Peter kulpa, chief engineer of breakthrough observation, planets orbiting nearby star systems are likely to be one of the first targets of future interstellar missions carried out by humans using high-speed robotic probes. He believes that by investigating dozens of stars closest to our planet, we can expect to find several rocky planets similar to the earth. Their orbital distance is suitable for liquid water, which is needed by life as we know it

saber astronautics received a $788000 from the Australian government’s international space investment to support the toliman mission. The mission will launch a custom space telescope that can make extremely fine measurements of the position of stars in the sky. If the star is surrounded by a planet, its gravity will cause the star to shake measurably

Mission to find habitable exoplanets around Alpha Centauri

today, thousands of known exoplanets orbit stars outside the solar system. Most of these planets were discovered by NASA Kepler and Tess missions. However, finding planets orbiting stars closer to home requires a different type of instrument, such as toliman. Finding the signals we are looking for in nearby star systems will require significant improvements in accurate measurements, kulper said. Toliman’s plan is to build a low-cost mission ready for launch in the middle of the decade

toliman is the abbreviation of telescope for orbit positioning interferometry monitoring of adjacent celestial bodies. The main component of the mission is a new telescope using diffractive pupil lens. This lens can scatter the starlight captured from nearby stars into flowers, making it easier to detect the wobble caused by orbiting planets. The above figure shows the proposed toliman space telescope