More than 5.1 million deaths have been recorded in the world. Austria has implemented a “ban” on those who have not been vaccinated with the new crown vaccine

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Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia, , November 15 Beijing comprehensive news: according to the global new crown pneumonia data real-time statistics system released by Johns Hopkins University, as of 8:21 Beijing time 15, the total number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia has reached 253282999 cases, and the cumulative number of deaths has exceeded 5 million 100 thousand, reaching 5100102 cases. p>

More than 5.1 million deaths have been recorded in the world. Austria has implemented a “ban” on those who have not been vaccinated with the new crown vaccine

on November 3 local time, the National Children’s Hospital in Washington, USA vaccinated children</ Novel coronavirus pneumonia: p>

novel coronavirus pneumonia: a serious shortage of personnel in Colorado, USA.

, according to the global real-time data system for new crown pneumonia released by Johns Hopki University, 47074080 cases of new crown pneumonia confirmed in the United States, and 763092 cases of cumulative deaths. P>

, according to American Broadcasting Company (ABC) 14 daily, the number of infected patients in Colorado is approaching the highest level since the outbreak of COVID-19. It is estimated that 1 of every 48 people in the state are contagious. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is being diagnosed in the state, and nearly 230 residents are admitted to hospital every day. More than 94% of the intensive care beds in the state are being used, according to official statistics. The report said that due to the surge in the number of infections, there has been a serious shortage of personnel in medical institutions in the state

at present, Colorado has allowed all residents over the age of 18 to be vaccinated with “booster shots” to prevent further deterioration of the epidemic</ Novel coronavirus pneumonia is responsible for three deaths of the snow leopard in the Lincoln Children’s zoo in Nebraska, p>

reported on 14 The Associated Press. The zoo announced the news on social media and called the deaths of the three snow leopards “heartbreaking”. According to reports, the zoo is still open to the public and will continue to take relevant measures to prevent COVID-19. p>

More than 5.1 million deaths have been recorded in the world. Austria has implemented a “ban” on those who have not been vaccinated with the new crown vaccine(1)

Europe: Austria implemented a “ban” on those who were not vaccinated with the new crown vaccine

data released by the German Disease Control Agency on the 14th showed that 33498 new crown confirmed cases were added in Germany on the same day, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases exceeded 5 million for the first time, reaching 5021000; There were 55 new deaths and a total of 97672 deaths. The official incidence rate index for monitoring the severity of the epidemic has hit a new high since the outbreak of the outbreak for seventh consecutive days. As of the same day, Germany had received 114.8 million doses of new crown vaccine, and a total of 56.1 million people had been fully vaccinated, accounting for 67.5% of the country’s total population

in order to deal with the fourth wave of epidemic, which is more serious than the same period last year, the German federal government has agreed with the states that a meeting will be held on the 18th of this month to discuss the direction of follow-up epidemic prevention policies

many states, including the capital Berlin, have planned to increase epidemic prevention measures in advance from the 15th before the federal conference with states. Among them, Berlin will fully replace the previously implemented “3G rule” with the “2G rules”. That is, most indoor places will no longer accept new crowns, but only those who have been fully vaccinated with new crown vaccines or who have been infected with COVID-19 and recovered. Two. p>

the Austrian government announced on the 14th that “ban” measures will be implemented for those who have not been vaccinated with the new crown vaccine from the 15th to deal with the spread of a new wave of epidemic</ P>

Austria Prime Minister Schallenberg announced on the same day with the state governors held a video conference after COVID-19 held a video conference. In view of the serious situation of COVID-19 in the country, the government decided to impose a “ban” measure on the whole country from 15 to 12, except for children under the age of 2. p>

according to Austrian media reports, the ban involves about 2 million of the country’s 8.9 million people. The regulations require such people to “ban foot” at home and “not go out unless necessary” except for basic activities such as work and shopping. Austrian police will strengthen law enforcement inspection and severely punish those who violate the ban</ P>

Russia’s COVID-19 epidemic prevention command headquarters released 14 data, which showed that 38823 new cases were confirmed in Russia, and 9070674 cases were confirmed. There were 1219 new deaths and a total of 255386 deaths

More than 5.1 million deaths have been recorded in the world. Austria has implemented a “ban” on those who have not been vaccinated with the new crown vaccine(2)

Asia: there is no need to isolate vaccinators entering Cambodia

the headquarters of South Korea’s central epidemic prevention countermeasures reported on the 15th that as of 0:00 on the same day, there were 2006 new confirmed cases in South Korea compared with the previous day, with a total of 397466 confirmed cases; There were 12 new deaths and a total of 3115 deaths

according to Yonhap 15 daily, Korea Tourism commune (Tourism Development Bureau) said that South Korea welcomed the first batch of Singaporean tourists arranged according to the “travel bubble” on the same day. This is the first time that South Korea has received foreign tours since the outbreak of COVID-19. An Rongpei, President of Korea Tourism commune, and Jin Jingxu, President of Incheon International Airport commune, went to the arrival hall of terminal 2 of Incheon Airport to present souvenirs such as epidemic prevention suits to tourists

it is reported that if the nucleic acid test results of these tourists after entering the country are negative, they can be exempted from isolation. Among them, 26 tourism and media workers invited by the tourism Commune will visit major scenic spots in Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi Dao and Gangwon Dao, and will also have a discussion with people in the tourism industry in South Korea</ P>

novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 55 new cases in Kampuchea on the 14 day of the Ministry of health. 62 cases were cured and 6 cases died (4 cases had not been vaccinated). As of the morning of November 14, Cambodia had diagnosed 119000 cases, cured 115000 cases and died 2867 cases

in order to cooperate with the full resumption of the opening of the country, the Cambodian government decided to allow Cambodian nationals and foreigners who have completed two doses of vaccination to be free from isolation observation after entering the country

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen pointed out that Cambodian nationals and foreigners entering Cambodia through three international airports in Cambodia, namely Phnom Penh, Sihanouk and Siem Reap, if they have completed two doses of vaccination, they will not need to be isolated after entering the country, but only need to undergo rapid screening and testing at the airport. Those who have not been vaccinated are still subject to isolation observation for 14 days after entry

according to NHK, 134 new cases were confirmed on the 14th, with a total of 1725835 confirmed cases; There were 2 new deaths, with a total of 18339 deaths

the Israeli Ministry of Health issued a statement on the 14th, saying that the director general of the Ministry of health, Nahman Ashe, has approved the vaccination of new crown vaccine for children aged 5 to 11 in the country, and the starting time of vaccination in this age group “will be determined in the next few days”</ According to the p>

statement, the Pfizer Inc data show that Pfizer vaccine is effective in preventing the infection rate of children from 5 to 11 years of age to COVID-19 close to 91%. Most members of the vaccination Advisory Committee of the Ministry of health believe that the benefits of vaccination (new crown) are greater than the risks for children of this age group

Israel has started the vaccination of Xinguan vaccine since December 2020. At present, people aged 12 and above are vaccinated, mainly using Pfizer vaccine

More than 5.1 million deaths have been recorded in the world. Austria has implemented a “ban” on those who have not been vaccinated with the new crown vaccine(3)

Africa: Egypt’s domestic vaccine has entered the stage of clinical trial

according to the data of the African Center for Disease Control and prevention on the 14th, there are 8556890 newly diagnosed cases and 220958 deaths in the region

according to the associated press on the 14th, Egypt’s National Research Institute said on the same day that it would start clinical trials of the new crown vaccine made in Egypt. Acting Minister of health Jaafar told reporters at a news conference that Egypt is launching clinical trials of the new vaccine. “This is a very important strategic situation. In the coming period, we can rely on Egyptian vaccines.” it is reported that Egypt has vaccinated more than 14% of the population with the new crown vaccine, But this depends almost entirely on vaccine transportation in other countries. (end)