NASA audit report revealed that the U.S. lunar landing plan may be postponed to 2026 due to lack of money

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NASA Artemis program aimed at returning the United States to the moon was first unveiled in 2017, hoping to inject new vitality into American space exploration projects

NASA audit report revealed that the U.S. lunar landing plan may be postponed to 2026 due to lack of money

it is worth mentioning that NASA postponed the time point for the United States to return to the moon from 2024 to 2025 last week, but the above audit report points out that the final time point for the implementation of this plan may be as early as 2026. NASA’s chief inspector general’s office said in the report that the Artemis plan not only encountered technical difficulties, but also had to be postponed due to COVID-19 and weather factors. p>

NASA’s goal was to send astronauts to the south pole of the moon in late 2024. The inspector general’s Office pointed out that the program now faces multiple challenges, including major technical risks, unrealistic development schedule and insufficient funding. The above audit report points out that, first of all, the new space suit required for the lunar mission will not be ready until May 2025 at the earliest. This work is facing technical challenges and R & D funding gap

secondly, the development of the human landing system (HLS) entrusted by NASA to SpaceX is also likely to be delayed. NASA is expected to invest $93 billion in the Artemis program by 2025. The cost of the first four launch missions in the plan is as high as $4.1 billion. The audit results show that without safe and effective advance payment reduction, the project may stagnate due to lack of cash

this series of missions aims to bring humans – including the first woman and people of color – to the moon and install technology and infrastructure for the establishment of a permanent space station on the moon. The mission will also witness the whole process of cooperation between the National Space Agency and the private sector