NASA uses the “water drop” probe to defend the earth? Us “Planetary Defense” operation exposed

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df654e38cf7443e - NASA uses the "water drop" probe to defend the earth? Us "Planetary Defense" operation exposed

NASA plans to launch a spacecraft to hit an asteroid to test its ability to defend the earth

NASA’s “Planetary Defense” One of the missions is called the Dual planet reorientation test (DART), which is worth up to $330 million. It is worth mentioning that scientists’ consistent approach to potentially dangerous asteroids is essentially to change their flight direction. This impact test requires launching a real spacecraft about 6.8 million miles (10.94 million kilometers) from the earth, and the spacecraft will eventually hit an asteroid

accurate monitoring of space rocks that may threaten the earth is very important to ensure the safety of the earth. Lindley Johnson of NASA’s Planetary Defense Office told reporters at a briefing meeting on Thursday (November 4 local time): “we don’t want to put the earth at risk of being hit by planets at any time, so we must carry out relevant crash tests.”

in order to improve the efficiency of changing planetary flight routes, Engineers have spent more than a decade developing spacecraft that can quickly hit asteroids

according to the established plan, this special spacecraft will take off on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket in California on November 23 local time. It is expected to “meet” with the target asteroid before the end of September next year

the spacecraft flew at a speed of 15000 miles per hour (about 24000 kilometers per hour). According to the plan, the dart spacecraft hit a 4.5 billion year old asteroid dimorphos, with a diameter of about 525 feet (about 160 meters)

dart spacecraft weighs 1210 pounds (about 550 kg) at the time of impact. This impact will not destroy dimorphos. It will only arch slightly to change the flight path of dimorphos

scientists say that the operational impact and immediate response of dimorphos after impact can be observed through astronomical telescopes on earth. In addition, dart spacecraft will launch microsatellites with cameras before impact, which can also record the whole process of impact

after the impact test, scientists will learn more about whether the planetary flight path can be changed and the preparation time required to prevent planetary impact

astronomers predict that there are about 25000 near Earth Asteroids in space, which are enough to destroy some plates of the earth. Every two weeks, smaller planets (about 1 meter in diameter) impact the earth’s atmosphere, and every day, the earth will usher in tons of space dust and particles