National Health Commission: strive to complete the whole process of new crown vaccination for people aged 3-11 by the end of December

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, new China, November, 13, Wei Jian, deputy director of the State Council for Disease Control and prevention, Wu Liang, has introduced in November 13th. The national Wei Jian committee will continue to promote the vaccine immunization of key groups and the vaccination of COVID-19 by the 3-11 year old crowd. At present, 84.395 million people aged 3-11 have been vaccinated, and 49.44 million people have been vaccinated. We will strive to complete the whole process of vaccination for people aged 3-11 by the end of December

National Health Commission: strive to complete the whole process of new crown vaccination for people aged 3-11 by the end of December

the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference on November 13. At the meeting, a reporter asked: what is the work of epidemic prevention and control in winter and spring and Xinguan vaccination

Wu Liang pointed out that recently, there has been a significant cooling in many regions of the country, which has brought difficulties to epidemic prevention and control such as nucleic acid detection, flow investigation and community control. Many experts also judged that the epidemic prevention and control situation in winter and spring this year will be more complex than last year. Of course, we have also accumulated a lot of good experience and practices in the process of successfully handling domestic aggregated epidemics. This winter and spring, epidemic prevention and control will focus on the five aspects of “early, small, strict, practical and accurate”

first, we should pay attention to “early”. Adhere to early detection, early reporting and early disposal, which is the key to epidemic prevention and control. It is necessary to maintain the “should check and do check” of key populations and the sensitivity of fever outpatient outposts, improve the sensitivity of epidemic situation monitoring, the timeliness of discovery and report and the timeliness of response and disposal. Once a local epidemic is found, quickly mobilize teams such as nucleic acid detection, flow regulation traceability and medical treatment to rush to the scene to guide the disposal work and win the first opportunity of epidemic prevention and control

Second, we should pay attention to “small”. The National Health Commission, together with relevant departments, will guide all localities to comprehensively sort out risk points in accordance with the principle of “strictness and strictness”, refine and improve the implementation rules of prevention and control in combination with their own reality, and require local governments to report and deal with unexpected situations in a timely manner, without sparing any risk links and any possible doubts

Third, we should pay attention to “strictness”. In strict accordance with the technical specifications, organize and carry out the management of inbound personnel, closed-loop transportation, isolation and observation, nucleic acid detection, environmental disinfection of goods, management of imported cold chain food and other key links. For high-risk groups, we should strictly implement closed-loop management, encrypt nucleic acid testing, and resolutely put an end to the risk overflow of the epidemic

Fourth, we should pay attention to “reality”. Medical institutions, tourist attractions, transportation stations, catering units, hotels and other public places should implement the requirements of code checking, temperature measurement and wearing masks. For those who have been assigned yellow codes and red codes, we should not only mobilize the people to consciously implement epidemic prevention measures, but also give full play to the role of code checking in grass-roots communities and public places, check and control in place, and resolutely eliminate them The situation of “disconnection” and “leakage” occurs.

fifth, we should pay attention to “accuracy”. While rapidly handling the epidemic situation, we should highlight precision and science, more accurately determine the close connection and secondary close connection, delimit the risk area, and improve the coding and decoding rules for risk groups during isolation and control, so as to achieve “fast assignment and quick solution” During the regional investigation, the time-space relationship and risk level should be scientifically defined to avoid “accidental injury” In the case of service guarantee, we should provide more targeted services and care, strive to improve the satisfaction of the masses, strive to achieve the maximum prevention and control effect at the lowest cost, and minimize the impact on the economy and society.

on COVID-19 vaccination, Wu Liang pointed out that according to the National Health Protection Committee’s arrangement of COVID-19 vaccination in the second half of this year, As well as the need for winter epidemic prevention and control, we will continue to promote vaccine immunization among key groups and the vaccination of the 3-11 year old COVID-19 population. At present, novel coronavirus pneumonia has been vaccinated against 84 million 395 thousand people at age 3-11. Immunization has been vaccinated against 49 million 440 thousand people. The effort will be made to complete the whole vaccination work for the 3-11 year old population by the end of December. At the same time, we should guide local governments to arrange resources reasonably, co-ordinate the vaccination of influenza and other respiratory vaccines, and reduce the risk of respiratory infectious diseases and new crown pneumonia superposed. Innovate the service mode, reasonably set up vaccination units, and make vaccination arrangements in bad weather to facilitate mass vaccination