“Nickel capital” old miner: sticking to “safety” for 30 years in kilometer underground is engraved in his mind

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Beijing, Lanzhou, November 18 (reporter Xu Xue) Zhao Wenpu, 53, went down the well at 8 a.m. after the regular safety meeting and took the “cage” (elevator) for about five minutes to reach the mine more than 1000 meters from the surface. He occasionally remembered the panic and anxiety when he went down the well for the first time 30 years ago

after he retired from the army in 1991, Zhao Wenpu was assigned to Longshou Mine, Jinchuan District, Jinchang City, Gansu Province and became a miner. Since his father died when he was young and the burden of raising eight children was on his mother alone, he has always been eager to be independent and share for his family

Longshou Mine is named because it is located at the foot of Longshou mountain. It was founded in 1962. It is the earliest mine unit prepared and developed by Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. and mainly undertakes the mining task of Jinchuan nickel mine

due to the complex geological conditions, different burial depths of ore bodies, serious rock fragmentation and certain residual in-situ stress in Jinchuan nickel mine, it has brought great difficulties to mining. Due to the particularity of the working environment, Longshou mining area has been exploring how to improve the working environment and safety of operators

“Nickel capital” old miner: sticking to “safety” for 30 years in kilometer underground is engraved in his mind

the picture shows Zhao Wenpu’s patrol inspection equipment in km underground. Liu Yu photo

Zhao Wenpu told chinanews.com on the 17th that he once had the idea of “retreat” because of the difficult early conditions in the mining area, but his responsibility after starting a family and the idea of “fighting for one breath” have supported him to stick to it until now

“safety” is a warning engraved in every miner’s mind. When working underground, all potential safety hazards will be amplified. If you are careless, you may even lose your life

at that time, Zhao Wenpu, in his twenties, worked very hard because he was a soldier and had good physical quality. But after all, when he was young and hot underground, he simply bare his arms. This move was severely criticized by the master

now, Zhao Wenpu has also become a teacher. He is also very strict with his disciples underground. “The master’s strictness is for the safety of the apprentice, and there can be no carelessness and fluke.”

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the picture shows Zhao Wenpu working underground. Liu Yu photographed

“although this job is hard and tired, staying underground is a whole day, but the income is considerable, and the pay will be rewarded.” Zhao Wenpu supported the whole family and provided for his son to finish college, which makes him particularly proud

Zhao Wenpu is also a warm-hearted person. His co-workers are ill and hospitalized. He takes the initiative to accompany them and pick up their children to and from school. During the epidemic prevention and control period, he also used his rest time to do voluntary service

on December 25, 2020, the unit planned to replace the eastern disc feeder. On that day, there was a biting north wind and the temperature was minus 14 ℃. Knowing that there were insufficient inspection personnel, Zhao Wenpu took the initiative to participate in the maintenance task at the shift scheduling meeting. During the two-day maintenance, his colleagues’ hands and faces were frostbitten. He took the ointment at home and painted it for everyone, The maintenance task was completed on time in mutual assistance

“Nickel capital” old miner: sticking to “safety” for 30 years in kilometer underground is engraved in his mind(1)

during the epidemic prevention and control period, Zhao Wenpu (first from the left) used his rest time to do volunteer work. Liu Yu photographed

the long-term heavy physical labor and the humid environment underground have made Zhao Wenpu fall behind the old problems of low back pain and leg pain. This year, the unit arranged him in a more relaxed position in view of his age and physical condition

“I still appreciate this job. Whenever I see various products made of nickel ore, I will feel proud.” 30 years of underground work has become an inseparable part of Zhao Wenpu’s life

Zhao Wenpu said that as long as safety is done in place, the underground is not as terrible as expected. Moreover, with the popularization of mechanization, mining is no longer a “pure strength job” in the past. (end)