Peru has a total of 200 thousand new crown deaths, France and Germany have a new high incidence rate.

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China News Agency, Beijing, November 16 – comprehensive news: the latest data on the official website of the World Health Organization show that as of 16:30 on the 15th Central European time, there have been 253163330 new crown confirmed cases and 5098174 deaths in the world. According to the latest statistics of Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 8:22 Beijing time on the 16th, there were 253793246 confirmed cases and 5106342 deaths in the world

Peru has a total of 200 thousand new crown deaths, France and Germany have a new high incidence rate.

America: Peru has a cumulative death of more than 200000

according to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University, the United States is still the country with the most serious epidemic in the world, with a cumulative diagnosis of 47213758 cases and a cumulative death of 764240 cases

according to foreign media reports, the Peruvian government announced on the 14th local time that from December 15 this year, all residents over the age of 18 must show proof of complete vaccination before entering the closed space. This measure will apply to four levels of epidemic risk: medium, high, very high and very high. In addition, people must wear masks for a long time. In restaurants and similar places, they can only take off masks when eating</ P>

according to the COVID-19 data released by the Ministry of health of Peru on 14 July, 2214543 cases were diagnosed in the country, and 200 thousand cases totaled 200635 cases. As of the same day, Peru has vaccinated more than 38.05 million doses of new crown vaccine, and more than 16.58 million people have been vaccinated with two doses of vaccine, accounting for 59% of Peru’s immunization target population

Peru has a total of 200 thousand new crown deaths, France and Germany have a new high incidence rate.(1)

on November 15, waiting passengers wore N95 masks in a subway station in Berlin, Germany. China News Agency reporter Peng Dawei photo

Europe: France and Germany new crown incidence rate is high,

official data released by France 15, showed that 3241 new cases were diagnosed on a single day, and 7290886 cases were confirmed. There were 70 new deaths and a total of 118224 deaths. The average number of newly confirmed cases in France once again exceeded the 10000 mark, reaching 10023. Meanwhile, the incidence rate of the new crown has been rising, which has exceeded 100 of the 100 thousand residents in each of the 100 residents, which is two times the warning threshold, and is the highest since September. P>

France’s health department said that the incidence rate of the new full crown of 1 days this month was 54 infected per 100 thousand residents, which indicated that COVID-19 was speeding up in two weeks, and the epidemic continued to rebound. The incidence rate of new crowds in all age groups is still rising. p>

French epidemiologists believe that the epidemic will not slow down in the next few days, and the rebound trend of the epidemic may be exacerbated as schools resume classes after the holidays. Because people are more in the environment of confined space in winter, they are often poorly ventilated, so they are vulnerable to infection

according to the official data of France, 51.54 million people in France have received at least one dose of vaccine, accounting for 76.5% of the French population; 50.46 million people have completed two doses of vaccination, accounting for 74.8% of the French population

according to the epidemic data released by the Robert Koch Institute, a German disease control agency, on the 15th, 23607 cases were newly diagnosed in a single day, with a cumulative diagnosis of 5045076 cases; There were 43 new deaths and a total of 97715 deaths. The official official data used to monitor the severity of the epidemic is that the cumulative number of newly diagnosed cases per 100 thousand people on average increased to 303 on the day of the seven day incidence rate, and the record has been refreshed eighth consecutive days. As of the same day, Germany had received 114.9 million doses of new crown vaccine, and a total of 56.2 million people had been fully vaccinated, accounting for about 67.5% of the country’s total population

in response to the epidemic, the German capital Berlin began to fully implement the “2G rule” on the 15th. Since the day, only two categories of people who have been vaccinated and who have been infected with COVID-19 have been allowed to enter places such as restaurants, cafes, museums, cinemas, stadiums and so on. In addition, Berlin has also upgraded the requirements for wearing masks on public transport vehicles such as subways and buses, and passengers must wear “N95” masks instead of the previous ordinary medical masks

in view of the lack of consensus on the current national anti epidemic policy in Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel of the caretaker cabinet called on the federal government and all States to unify their anti epidemic policies on the same day. According to the established schedule, Merkel and state governors will hold a meeting on the 18th of this month to discuss follow-up epidemic prevention policies

Peru has a total of 200 thousand new crown deaths, France and Germany have a new high incidence rate.(2)

Asia: the basic infection value of Malaysia’s new crown has increased continuously

the epidemic in Malaysia has slowed down since October this year. Since October 3, the newly confirmed cases in a single day have remained below 10000, and the lowest has decreased to a daily increase of more than 4000. The Malaysian government also officially opened interstate travel on October 11, and the epidemic prevention restrictions on social and economic life have been greatly relaxed in recent years

however, in the past week, the average daily increasing cases in Malaysia increased by 15% compared with the previous seven days, and the number of hospitalizations increased by 10%. The novel coronavirus pneumonia spread (R0) rose to more than 1 in November 11th, when the interstate lifted the ban. After that, it maintained over 1 and increased continuously, reaching 1.05 in the past two days. p>

Malaysian Health Minister Hayri said on the 15th that the Malaysian Ministry of health and other institutions have conducted a simulation exercise on this, “simulate the worst situation and simulate the corresponding crisis response measures”. He frankly said that he needs to be prepared for “anything that may happen”. He also reminded that the Malaysian medical system must be “prepared for the surge in medical demand”

Malaysia FA Ma company announced on the 15th that the company’s locally filled China Kexing Xinguan vaccine has obtained an order from Myanmar company and will be delivered and supplied from the 13th of this month. Zukanan, head of Fama company, said that this is the first time that the company’s locally filled Kexing vaccine has entered the international market, which will help accelerate the vaccination plan in Myanmar. Zukanan also said that Fama is very grateful to Kexing for its trust, support and technology transfer, so that Fama can have the opportunity to produce Kexing vaccine. He said that Fama Kexing vaccine has assisted the Malaysian government in opening its own vaccination plan and will help the global fight against the epidemic

Peru has a total of 200 thousand new crown deaths, France and Germany have a new high incidence rate.(3)

on October 11 local time, Sydney, Australia’s largest city, lifted the blockade, restaurants and bars resumed hall food business, and shopping malls, gyms, swimming pools and other public facilities were reopened to fully vaccinated people

Africa and Oceania: Australian officials called on the government to share the increased medical costs due to the epidemic

according to the data released by the African Center for Disease Control and prevention on the 15th local time, 8560266 cases were diagnosed and 220835 cases died in the region</ P>

, 15, according to foreign media reports, Sutton, chief health officer of Vitoria, Australia, wrote in the Australian Medical Journal, criticizing the Australian government’s “COVID-19 coexistence” roadmap, saying that “there is no clear recovery stage” and no response to problems such as the economic downturn, the continuing impact of mental health and the long-term burden of COVID-19. P>

Sutton believes that the delay in health care is one of the main burden on the health system during the recovery phase of COVID-19. Meanwhile, novel coronavirus pneumonia should also be used to deal with the long-term effects of the new respiratory syndrome. At present, due to the ceiling of federal funds, these costs will be borne entirely by the States. He appealed to the Australian government to share COVID-19’s increased medical costs and improve hospital funding. (end)