Putin convened Russian Conference on gene technology development to increase COVID-19 detection speed

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China News Agency, Moscow, November 18 (Zhang Mengtian Bing) – Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the video conference on the development of genetic technology in the Russian Federation on the 17th that a legislative mechanism is needed to regulate the use of individual and family genetic data. He also asked for an increase in the detection speed of COVID-19 in the country. p>

Putin convened Russian Conference on gene technology development to increase COVID-19 detection speed

according to the Russian President’s website, the meeting discussed the implementation of the genetic technology development plan of the Russian Federation from 2019 to 2027, the personnel, material and technical support in this research field, and the participation of real economic departments in agriculture Gene technology development measures in the field of medicine and industrial microbiology. Released in April 2019, the plan aims to accelerate the development of gene technology, including gene editing technology, establish relevant scientific and technological reserves for medicine, agriculture and industry, and improve the emergency early warning and monitoring system in the biological field

Putin said that a legislative mechanism was needed to regulate the use of genetic data of individuals and their families. “We first need a legislative mechanism to ensure the rights of citizens and regulate the access, use and protection of genetic data of individuals and their families, including future generations”, “it is necessary to clearly define the boundaries that allow the use of genetic technology”. According to Putin, ethics in this field “must be understandable, must be recognized by researchers and enterprises, and most importantly, must be accepted by the society and trusted by the people.”

Putin stressed that all decisions in this field should be made carefully in “close dialogue with the scientific and professional community”, including single materials and samples Establishment of unified storage system

Putin asked to determine in detail the operation procedures for Russia to create a national genetic information database. In 2020, Putin asked the government to create a “Russian national genetic database” with the participation of the Kurchatov Institute of the National Science Center, and ensure that funds are provided for the establishment and operation of the database every year from 2021

in terms of business incentives, Putin said that he would not rule out the introduction of new incentives to allow relevant Russian companies to participate in the development of genetic technology. “Nowadays, gene technology is the basis for formulating advanced resolutions and programs in many economic fields and developing emerging industries,” he pointed out, including pharmaceuticals, environmentally friendly food, and the development of industrial technologies such as air purification, soil and environmental protection

Putin requested that the partnership between real economy enterprises and world-class genome research centers should be substantially strengthened, and relevant research in the fields of medicine and agriculture should be carried out together with scientific research institutes and universities all over the country

Putin believes that it is necessary to extend the genetic technology development plan of the Russian Federation from 2019 to 2027 to 2030. He said, “science and technology planning in the agricultural sector has been extended to 2030, and it is recommended that similar decisions be made for the genetic technology development plan to ensure that its funds are sufficient to meet the large scale results we need in this field.” Putin also requested that the pace of detection of COVID-19 in the country continue to be improved at the meeting, according to

. Putin, who was listening to the director of the Russian consumer protection and Public Welfare Bureau and Popova, the national general immunization director, said that “the speed of detection needs to be improved”. Earlier, the board had asked the testing agencies to provide the longest long time from the 48 hours to 24 hours for the people to provide the COVID-19 test results to the public. (end)