Researchers have found that spiders are much smarter than you think

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now researchers believe that “cognitive” behavior, rather than automatic response, may be quite common among spiders. A research paper on the diversity of spiders published in the annual review of Entomology in 2021 shows that from web weavers who adjust their web forming methods according to the types of prey they capture to ghost spiders who can learn to associate rewards with the smell of vanilla, more things happen in spiders’ brains than they usually get

Researchers have found that spiders are much smarter than you think

the work of researchers shows that if the ability of spiders is demonstrated by animals with much larger brains (such as dogs or human children), we will not hesitate to regard them as a sign of wisdom. One possible reason why spiders are so advanced in behavior is that they have the sharpest vision known in animals of the same size. They use this visual ability to find, track and pounce on their prey, rather than using the more famous spider strategy, that is, building a web and waiting for food

spiders’ vision liberates them and enables them to explore an environment. In the outside world, they need to be able to see things from a distance, predators, prey and partners, and make decisions before approaching them, which is why they have excellent cognitive ability. The researchers found that there was an obvious relationship between the time spent by spiders on the survey route and the possibility of choosing a safe path. The researchers believed that spiders’ observation was thinking and spent more time observing the route before making a decision