Revolutionary imaging technology: “magic wand” reveals a previously invisible color nano world

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in a new study published in nature communications, researchers from the University of California Riverside described a revolutionary imaging technology, It compresses the light of the lamp into a nanometer light spot. Like Hogwarts students practicing the “Lumos” spell, it keeps light at the end of the silver nanowires and uses it to reveal previously invisible details, including color

this progress will improve the resolution of color imaging to an unprecedented 6 nm level, and will help scientists see enough details of nano materials to make them more useful in electronics and other applications

Ming Liu and Ruoxue Yan, associate professors of Marlan and rosemary Bourns School of engineering at the University of California Riverside, developed this unique tool using the super focusing technology developed by the team. This technique has been used to observe the vibration of molecular bonds in previous work. Its spatial resolution is 1 nm without any focusing lens

Revolutionary imaging technology: “magic wand” reveals a previously invisible color nano world

in the new report, researchers modified the tool to measure signals across the entire visible wavelength range, which can be used to render colors and depict the electron band structure of objects, not just molecular vibration. The tool compresses the light from the tungsten lamp onto the silver nanowires, and the scattering or reflection is almost zero. The light is carried by the oscillating wave of free electrons on the silver surface

the condensed light leaves the tip of the silver nanowire with a radius of only 5 nm in a conical path, just like the beam of a flashlight. When the tip passes an object, its influence on the beam shape and color is detected and recorded

“it’s like using your thumb to control the water spray of the water pipe,” the researcher said. “You know how to obtain the required water spray mode by changing the position of your thumb. Similarly, in the experiment, we read the light mode to retrieve the details of the object blocking the 5-nm light nozzle.”

then, the light is focused into a spectrometer, It forms a tiny ring there. By scanning the probe in an area and recording two spectra for each pixel, researchers can formulate absorption and scattering images with color. Originally gray carbon nanotubes received their first color photos, and individual carbon nanotubes now have the opportunity to show their unique colors

“atomically smooth pointed silver nanowires and their almost scattering free optical coupling and focusing are very important for imaging,” the researchers said. “Otherwise, there will be strong stray light in the background, which will destroy the whole work.”

researchers predict that this new technology can become an important tool to help the semiconductor industry manufacture unified nano materials with consistent properties for electronic equipment. The new full-color nano imaging technology can also be used to improve the understanding of catalysis, quantum optics and Nano Electronics