“Strong, strict, strong and built”! The governance of “rice circle” chaos has achieved results

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“Strong, strict, strong and built”! “Rice circle” chaos control achieved results

2918618630 - "Strong, strict, strong and built"! The governance of "rice circle" chaos has achieved results

on November 16, the Information Office of the State Council held a press conference to invite Sheng ronghua, deputy director of the central network information office and deputy director of the state network information office, Mo Gaoyi, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Minister of publicity department, and Xue Songyan, director of the first Bureau of the central civilization office, Xie Dengke, spokesman of the central network information office and director of the network communication bureau, Zhang Xun Hong, director of the Network Social Work Bureau of the central network information office, and Zhao Hui, Secretary General of the China Federation of network social organizations, introduced the relevant situation of the first China network civilization conference and answered reporters’ questions. Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Xin photo

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, November 16 (reporter Wang Sibei) Sheng ronghua, deputy director of the central network information office and deputy director of the state network information office, said at a press conference held by the state information office on the 16th that the central network information office has carried out the special action of “Qinglang · rectification of chaos in the” rice circle “since June this year and issued the notice on Further Strengthening the control of chaos in the” rice circle “in August Since, more than 400000 pieces of negative and harmful information have been cleared, more than 20000 illegal accounts, more than 6500 group owners and more than 3000 dissolution topics have been disposed of. All social parties have formed a joint force and carried out solid and effective actions. The specific results can be summarized as “strong, strict, strong and constructive”

Sheng ronghua said that “thick” is a stronger public opinion atmosphere to resist the chaos of the online “rice circle”. The majority of Internet users have a deeper understanding of the essence and harm of the chaos in the “rice circle”, and the action to resist the chaos in the “rice circle” is also more active and more conscious; The chaos of the “rice circle” is that everyone yells and fights when they show up, and the public opinion atmosphere is more intense. “Strict” is the measure of normalization and “strong supervision”, which is more strict. The special action thoroughly cleaned up harmful information such as fans tearing and abusing each other, pulling and stepping on wars, rumor attacks, strictly disposed of a number of illegal accounts, cleaned up a number of illegal group plates, and achieved the goal of “investigating and punishing a batch and deterring a batch”

“strong” is the enhancement of the consciousness of the website platform to perform the main responsibility. The consciousness of the website platform to cooperate with the supervision and strengthen the construction of community rules and systems within the platform enterprises has been greatly enhanced. “Construction” is the gradual establishment of a normalized working mechanism in practice. By strengthening the in-depth research on the group behavior mode and governance mode of “rice circle”, guide some network platforms to improve community rules, standardize the network behavior of fans, and guide everyone to pursue stars rationally. From the aspects of continuously strengthening supervision, standardizing network behavior and guiding industry self-discipline, we have formed a working mechanism to address the root causes and root causes

Sheng ronghua said that the network chaos control work will be unremitting, grasp to the end, maintain a high-pressure and strict management situation, and never withdraw troops until good results are achieved