Summon all “fusioneers”: the new website of fusion energy theme in the United States is launched

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according to the recommendations of the consensus report (community planning process and power for the future report) created by researchers, a diversified stakeholder Committee from the U.S. nuclear fusion energy industry has cooperated to establish the theme website usfusionenergy.org, The website will provide the latest nuclear fusion news and information articles, activities and resources to help anyone understand the prospect of fusion energy anywhere

Summon all “fusioneers”: the new website of fusion energy theme in the United States is launched

the website is launched at a perfect time. The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as cop26, is being held in Glasgow, and world leaders are deciding how to deal with climate change. In addition, the United States Congress is currently debating the national policy of transition to clean energy. The development of nuclear fusion energy as a new power source will have a revolutionary impact on these two initiatives

in addition, fusion energy is gaining momentum in the United States and around the world. The National Ignition Facility in California announced an important step forward in laser-driven nuclear fusion in August. In addition, Commonwealth fusion systems in Massachusetts has recently made a leap in magnetically driven fusion technology. Worldwide, France’s international ITER project has reported steady progress and plans to produce the first plasma in 2025

with these advances, now is the best time to participate in nuclear fusion energy. The United States is full of private companies seeking to commercialize nuclear fusion, and the industry will need talents from all backgrounds. To welcome this moment, the new website usfusionenergy.org gives priority to introducing jobs and opportunities across the United States to expand the definition of “fusioneer”, that is, people involved in the fusion energy community

Steffi Diem and Arturo Dominguez, CO leaders of the American fusion outreach team, are coordinating this effort. While providing resources and the latest news in the field of fusion, we also hope that this website can enable the public to participate in the fusion movement, recruit diversified labor force, and provide a community for American fusion workers

the new fusion energy website is for those who promote the future of clean energy and want to support this effort