The Chinese men’s handball Super League is about to open, and the new generation will play the leading role

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Beijing, November 11 (Xinhua) the new season of China Men’s handball Super League will start in Suzhou on November 20. The League will be expanded to seven teams this season, and the game will be “empty”. From the perspective of contestants, the new generation of players may bring surprises

The Chinese men’s handball Super League is about to open, and the new generation will play the leading role

this season, Tianjin men’s handball Club officially joined the League lineup. From the four teams officially launched in 2019 to the top seven Handball Teams in China huati, Pacific Jiangsu, Beijing sports lottery, Shandong, Anhui, Guangdong and Tianjin, the Chinese men’s handball Super League is developing steadily

due to the impact of the epidemic situation, this year’s handball Super League will continue to be conducted in a fully closed way. But unlike last season, the seven teams will compete in Suzhou and Hefei

handball Super League will actively learn from the epidemic prevention experience of CBA, CSL and other leagues, strictly abide by the epidemic prevention policy of the host place, and will still be held “empty” in the new season to ensure the safety of the event

on November 20, the League will start in Suzhou, and the first to seventh place will be arranged in a single cycle. After more than half a month’s rest, it will move to Hefei on December 16. The seven teams will play a single cycle game again according to the first station ranking, and then accumulate the sum of two single cycle ranking points, and the top two teams will compete for the championship

China sports, which regretted last year, is looking forward to a comeback in the new season. While retaining the main framework of Huang Peijie, Xie Qinglong and he Xinian, head coach Zhu Xinchen continues to create opportunities for young players to play for national famous teams. Rao Yuanyuan from Anhui and Cheng Haijin from Beijing, the selection of these young generals can see the Young Marshal’s selection idea of “lowering talents regardless of style”

compared with the strong Chinese sports, the other six teams have made great adjustments to their lineups after the National Games. In particular, some meritorious veterans choose to rest briefly, while others bid farewell to the competition

as the defending champion of the league, Jiangsu team, which has just won the “four champions” of the National Games, can be seen from the registration list that the purpose of veteran Yan Weiming is very clear – military training. Wang Quan, Zhao Chen, Zhao Nan, Wang Weiqiang and other absolute main players are all “Ma fangnanshan”. The team participating in the league only retains three National Games champions Zhang Shuai, Pang Liankang and Zhou Ao

the situation of Beijing team, the runner up of the National Games, is basically the same. Zhang Ji, who has participated in the Seventh National Games in a row, has completely transformed into a coach, and Jiang Weiyi, Liu Maike, Cheng Ya and others did not go with the team. Wei ang, Wu Hao and Yun Mingsong will become the backbone of the league

the four teams in Shandong, Guangdong, Anhui and Tianjin, which ranked three to six in the National Games, are also experiencing the alternation of new and old. What kind of combat effectiveness they can show will directly affect the overall competitive level of the Super League in the new season

this season, the Premier League will try to apply eagle eye smart synchronous multi angle playback technology for the first time to help the referee’s on-site law enforcement review, so as to improve the fairness of the game and make the referee’s work transparent and information-based. (end)