The crew of the international space station are waiting for the arrival of the new Russian docking module

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Visit: the pritchar module in the activity Hall of Alibaba cloud’s 11.11 cloud Carnival will arrive at the space station on Friday, where it will automatically dock with the Russian “science” multi-purpose experimental module at 10:26 a.m

astronauts Anton chekapurovi and Peter Dubrov began training for pritchar’s arrival on Monday morning. Two people from the Russian space agency simulated the approach, rendezvous and docking of the Russian docking port on the remote robot operated rendezvous unit (Toru). The Toru is located in the Zvezda service cabin and can also be used for manual control if necessary

on Monday, NASA Flight Engineers Raja charry and Keira Baron continued their human research to study how the central nervous system adapts to microgravity. Astronauts took turns wearing virtual reality headsets and sat in the Columbus Laboratory module for the grasp experiment. The study observed crew members reaching for virtual objects to compare hand eye coordination and vestibular changes before, during and after space missions

NASA flight engineer Mark van der Hei conducted a pair of space physics experiments all Monday. Van der Hei first repaired the samples in the electrostatic suspension furnace, which can safely study the thermophysical properties of high-temperature materials in the state of weightlessness. Next, he opened the microgravity science glove box and unloaded the hardware supporting the study of the growth process of semiconductor crystals

flight engineers Thomas Mashburn and Matthias Maurer carry out various robot and maintenance activities all day. Mashburn is engaged in pipeline work on the track, collecting water samples in the station for analysis, and conducting robot testing for behavior core measure research. Maurer worked with Charlie to practice the operation of the Canadarm2 manipulator and planned to carry out a spacewalk on November 30

The crew of the international space station are waiting for the arrival of the new Russian docking module