The epidemic risk in South Korea has risen to the highest level, and the second phase of epidemic prevention measures will be suspended

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Xinhua 29, November, according to Korean media reports, local time 29, South Korea COVID-19 risk rose to the highest level. On the same day, the president of the Republic of Korea said in his moon Jae in the second stage of “resuming daily life” epidemic prevention mode, and special epidemic prevention measures will be implemented in the next 4 weeks. p>

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, according to reports, local time 29, the central Korean epidemic prevention countermeasures headquarters released the weekly assessment of COVID-19 (from November 21st to 27th), the results showed that the risk level in the country is” high “, the highest level of risk for the new crown. p>

epidemic prevention countermeasures headquarters pointed out that the epidemic situation in South Korea is deteriorating rapidly and it is impossible to take the epidemic prevention measures of “restoring daily life” in the next stage. In order to reverse this trend, special epidemic prevention countermeasures need to be taken</ On the same day, p>

, President of the Republic of Korea, moon Jae in the Chong Wa Dae, said that the new, critical and new cases of death were increasing and the beds were becoming saturated. Suspend the transition to the next stage of epidemic prevention mode, and special epidemic prevention measures will be implemented in the next four weeks</ P>

reported that moon Jae in South Korea had difficulty starting the “phased recovery of daily life” epidemic prevention mode and could not go back. This means that special epidemic prevention measures will not strengthen the restrictions on the business hours or personnel gathering of public gathering service business places

the report pointed out that the Korean government was originally scheduled to announce the Countermeasures on the 26th. However, at the meeting of the daily life recovery support Committee held on the 25th, there were serious differences between the medical community, individual businesses, relevant government departments and other parties, resulting in the postponement of the announcement time

it is reported that as of 0:00 local time on the 29th, 3309 new confirmed cases of new crown and 32 new crown deaths were added in South Korea compared with 0:00 the previous day