The number of medical infection surges in Italy, and the government may tighten epidemic prevention policies

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Beijing, Nov. 17 (Xinhua) according to the European Union News Agency quoted by the Italian European network, the Italian Federation of nursing professionals said that in the past two months, the number of infection among medical staff in Italy increased by 192.3%. Italian officials said the government would adjust its epidemic prevention policy according to the development of the epidemic. The new epidemic prevention policy may be tightened

The number of medical infection surges in Italy, and the government may tighten epidemic prevention policies

it is reported that the data show that 936 medical and nursing staff in Italy were diagnosed on September 14, and the number increased to 2736 on November 14, of which 82% were nurses

the Italian Federation of nursing professionals pointed out that thanks to the protection of the new crown vaccine, the number of deaths of medical infected people and severe patients has decreased sharply. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was the first wave of the epidemic in Italy in 2020. A total of 90 nurses died of infection with COVID-19, but almost no health care workers died of pneumonia in 2021. p>

the report points out that in order to avoid the restriction of yellow area or orange area due to the increase of patients with new crown, many regions of Italy have prepared to ask the government to restrict only those who have not been vaccinated with new crown vaccine

Giovanni toti, President of Liguria region, said that if the blockade is implemented again, it will cause very serious damage to the country, but the use of “green pass” can be more strict

The number of medical infection surges in Italy, and the government may tighten epidemic prevention policies(1)

it was previously reported that the “green pass” of Italy’s new crown is in digital or paper form, indicating that the holder has been vaccinated with at least one dose of new crown vaccine or has recovered from recent infection with new crown, Or in the past 48 hours, the results of COVID-19 nucleic acid test were negative. p>

it is reported that Totti has proposed to Massimiliano fedriga, chairman of the Regional Council that non vaccinated people should be restricted to travel only for necessary reasons such as work and purchasing daily necessities

local governments such as Friuli Venice, Julia and Bolzano agreed with this proposal

Nino cartabellotta, President of the gimbe foundation in Italy, said bluntly that it is not time to discuss only the restrictive measures for non vaccinated people, but the time for compulsory vaccination

in view of the recent recurrence of the epidemic in Italy and the surge in the number of infections among medical staff, on the 16th local time, Italian Minister of regional affairs Maria gelmini said that the validity period of the “green pass” is still 12 months, but the government is paying close attention to the development trend of the epidemic and will make adjustments according to the actual situation

he also said that the government has begun to evaluate and tighten the “green pass” policy and consider banning people who have obtained the “green pass” through virus testing from entering cinemas, theatres, stadiums, restaurants, bars and other public places

it is reported that the Italian Ministry of civil defense reported on the 16th that 7698 new confirmed cases and 74 new deaths were added in Italy. (Boyuan)