The premiere of the film “railway hero” is based on the Anti Japanese War deeds of the Lunan railway team

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Beijing, November 16 (Xinhua) on November 14, the film “railway hero” held its premiere in Beijing

the film “railway hero” is based on the Anti Japanese deeds of the “Lunan railway team” belonging to the 115th division of the Eighth Route Army. It tells the story of the heroic railway team in Zaozhuang, Lincheng, fighting with the enemy and defending their homeland to the death during the Anti Japanese War

at the premiere, the creators shared their creative experience and revealed the behind the scenes details

The premiere of the film “railway hero” is based on the Anti Japanese War deeds of the Lunan railway team

premiere. Director Yang Feng said that after understanding the relevant materials of Jinpu railway and Lunan railway team, he hoped to create a new railway team story. To this end, Yang Feng visited the descendants of many railway team members. The characters designed in the film were refined from the stories of hundreds of heroes at that time. He hopes that the final presentation of the film can meet the aesthetic and viewing needs of today’s audience

Zhang Hanyu showed himself as a tough man again, playing Lao Hong, the leader of the railway team. Having undertaken many action scenes, he still insisted on filming when his low back injury recurred on the set. Director Yang Feng revealed that many close-up melee scenes were completed by Zhang Hanyu himself

Fan Wei created an undercover old Wang with deep camouflage and thousands of faces. In the film, the plot of staying calm in the face of danger and angry against the Japanese aggressors is impressive. The alternative “father and son” play with Xiaoshi adds warmth to the film

the “sharpshooter” played by Wei Chen not only has the ability to walk through the Yang, but also is an expert in weapons. He said that he had done a lot of homework before shooting, and shaping this role was a very interesting attempt. “You can find the seeds planted by heroes along the Jinpu Railway”. Yu Haoming expressed the hope that the film can ignite the patriotic feelings in the hearts of young people

many guests appeared at the premiere that night. Wang Hongwei, a famous director and producer, pointed out that the film made a “particularly unexpected adaptation”. Famous director and producer Huang Jianxin said: “this film gives me a particularly strong impression, that is, it is particularly strong in all aspects, such as character personality, personality of each character, portrait of each character, including the whole visual system.”

actor Xia Yu has been a good friend of director Yang Feng for many years, Having watched the film for the second time, he exposed himself and witnessed the whole creative process of railway hero all the way. He thought that the film was “a film that can make the old wine refined again and make the young people feel the same”

musician Wang Zhengliang participated in the music creation of the film and produced the theme song “playing the beloved local Pipa again” at the end of the film. He said that the film moved him a lot and lamented that “today we can live in a prosperous era of peace. We are very grateful to all our ancestors who laid down the country”

at the scene, director Yang Feng also announced that the film will be screened in Shandong Province in advance on November 18, so that the audience in Shandong can feel the character of the ancestors of Lunan railway in advance. It is reported that the film will be released nationwide on November 19. (end)