The simplified new test method can measure the immune status against covid-19 within 10 minutes

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14c2413c03df701 - The simplified new test method can measure the immune status against covid-19 within 10 minutes

this work is led by the interdisciplinary research group of antibiotic resistance (AMR) of Singapore MIT research and Technology Alliance (SMART) and NTU Singapore, At the same time, there are partners from the National University Hospital of Massachusetts Institute of technology, the life science center of the National University of Singapore and Lin Yonglu School of medicine

in order to curb the spread of sars-cov-2, all countries have taken strict measures to minimize social exchanges and cross-border flows. Although monitoring and prevention of transmission can be improved to some extent, these measures have seriously affected the economy and livelihood, and the way to return to normal includes mass immunization against the virus through natural or mass vaccination. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of population immunity and vaccine immunization program, it is necessary to screen the population for the presence of sars-cov-2 nabs at a faster speed and on a larger scale

as part of the body’s natural immune response, nabs are produced by exposure to viruses or vaccines. In order to effectively prevent virus infection, a sufficient number of nabs must be produced. The amount of NAB in individuals indicates whether they have protective immunity to the virus and the possibility of serious consequences after infection. NAB testing can determine whether booster injections should be considered for vaccinated people to obtain additional protection against the virus

although there are various covid-19 diagnostic tests, the detection of sars-cov-2 nab is generally still carried out in hospitals and professional diagnostic laboratories. At present, the detection of nabs usually adopts virus neutralization test, which requires the treatment of live viruses, facilities with strict biosafety and isolation precautions, skilled personnel and two to four days of treatment time. Therefore, these tests are not feasible for large-scale population testing and monitoring because the lengthy process may put pressure on the existing laboratory capacity. Develop a more effective testing tool to better conduct real-time care point testing and large-scale monitoring of events or key entry points such as workplaces, specific locations, high flow points and immigration checkpoints

“with the gradual opening of borders, economy and society, it will be very important to have correct tests and information. We should not only plan for this future, but also ensure that it can be carried out safely without hindering the current efforts to curb the spread of the virus,” said Megan macby, scientific director of the research subsidiary of MIT and smart AMR

according to the data published in nature communication medicine by the research team, the newly developed rapid cellulose pull-down virus neutralization test (cpvnt) uses the vertical flow paper detection format and protein engineering technology developed by smart AMR and Hadley D. Sikes, associate professor of Chemical Engineering Department of MIT to detect sars-cov-2 nabs in plasma samples within 10 minutes. The same protein engineering technology has also been used to develop tests for other well-known viruses, such as the Chai virus and tuberculosis. Cellulose is used as the test material because it is cost-effective and easy to manufacture. At the same time, it is also to avoid dependence on nitrocellulose, which is in great demand due to its application in other rapid covid-19 tests

the developed test method is simple and noninvasive, and can provide fast results. In this test, the user mixes a drop of fingertip blood with the reaction solution, places it on a piece of paper, and then inserts it into a portable reading device, which will detect the NAB signal and reflect the results. The accuracy of this test is as high as 93%, which is higher than the similar laboratory based methods currently used

“Schools and workplaces will also benefit greatly from the test. Whether a person should be considered for an enhanced vaccine can also be evaluated by this rapid test, because the results can be obtained in a few minutes through a fingertip blood sample. Moreover, if we can quickly determine immunity on a larger scale, the review and relaxation of measures related to covid-19 can be carried out in a more controllable and data-oriented way, “said Sikes, who is also the main researcher and co principal of smart AMR