The “third dose” vaccination in Cambodia was promoted in an orderly manner

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Novel coronavirus pneumonia, , November 13 (reporter Ouyang Kaiyu) from the beginning of November, the industry has been liberalized in various fields, and entered the new phase of “epidemic with virus”. Kampuchea’s daily report of new crown pneumonia cases has not rebounded substantially, and the third needle vaccination action has been orderly promoted. p>

in order to further establish the immune barrier, the capital Phnom Penh continued to promote the third dose to strengthen needle vaccination. Phnom Penh municipal government reported on the 13th that the new crown vaccination Subcommittee of Phnom Penh will continue to carry out the third dose of booster vaccination for the citizens of 14 districts of the city with the assistance of the vaccination medical team of the Ministry of national defense and other volunteer doctors, and call on those who have not been vaccinated to come to receive the vaccination as soon as possible. Phnom Penh municipal government said that many citizens enthusiastically came to vaccinate the third dose of booster needle, which provided important support for the construction of immune barrier, which was highly praised and appreciated by the municipal government

The “third dose” vaccination in Cambodia was promoted in an orderly manner

the picture shows that the gas station in Phnom Penh, Cambodia is getting busy. China News Agency reporter Ouyang Kaiyu photo

the third dose of Xinguan vaccine in Sihanouk Province, another important region of Cambodia, has also been promoted in an orderly manner. The local government set up sites in Sihanouk City, Gaolong island city and stenhao county to provide vaccination for residents over the age of 18. Guo Zhongnan, governor of Sihanouk Province, instructed the grass-roots government to do a good job in publicity and closely cooperate with the vaccination working group to arrange the work of vaccination sites. He said that residents going to vaccinate the third dose of booster needles must carry vaccination cards

in addition, due to the slowing down of the epidemic situation, the Cambodian government has further relaxed the restrictions on people holding weddings. The government has cancelled the previous requirement of the upper limit of 200 guests participating in weddings, and stipulated that guests participating in weddings must complete more than two doses of vaccination. People who have not received vaccination due to physical factors can also attend weddings, but must abide by the epidemic prevention measures issued by the Ministry of health. (end)