The United States said that the importance of the U.S. military in Japan increased and asked the Japanese side to pay more. The Japanese side: basically agreed

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Beijing, Nov. 18 (Xinhua) according to Kyodo news agency of Japan, the Japanese government has coordinated with the US side in the direction of agreeing to the US side’s increase requirements to a certain extent on the financial burden of the US military presence in Japan from 2022

The United States said that the importance of the U.S. military in Japan increased and asked the Japanese side to pay more. The Japanese side: basically agreed

it is reported that Japan intends to take the funds for improving the airport jointly used by the self defense force and the U.S. military and joint training as an increase, rather than the original burden such as water, electricity and gas charges of the U.S. base. It has asked the U.S. intention. The Japanese government believes that such an increase will help strengthen the alliance and gain national understanding. The two sides are conducting the final stage of consultations, striving to reach an agreement in December and sign a special agreement early next year. Government officials disclosed the news on the 17th

in the 2021 budget, the Japanese side’s burden of 2017 billion yen is included, including water, electricity and gas costs, salaries of Japanese staff, training transfer fees, etc. Although the amount requested by the United States has not been disclosed, Japanese diplomatic sources believe that: “(Japan’s) burden will increase, but it may not be the huge burden required by the former trump administration of the United States. Finally, it will be judged by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.”

as for the increase of joint training, Japan and the United States will explore whether to set up new projects in the special agreement. As in the past, the validity period of the agreement is planned to be five years until 2026. During the negotiations, the United States seemed to list a variety of regional security factors that led to the increased importance of the U.S. military in Japan as a reason to ask Japan to increase its burden. The Japanese side informed that the financial situation was severe and it was difficult to increase significantly

the Japanese and US governments held staff consultations in Washington in early August and officially began negotiations. Since Japan will finalize the 2022 budget at the cabinet meeting in late December, it will strive to negotiate before that

with regard to the signing of the special agreement, it was proposed that foreign minister Lin Fangzheng sign it by taking the opportunity of the “Japan US security consultation committee” (2 + 2) attended by foreign and defense cabinet members. 2 + 2 is expected to be held within this year, but it may also be postponed to the beginning of next year

the current special agreement expired in March this year, but because the negotiation period coincided with the US presidential election and regime transfer last autumn, Japan and the United States reached an agreement on extending it for one year after the Biden government took office in January this year. After 2022, the two sides have agreed to hold consultations again in order to conclude an agreement covering multiple years