The who reported that the overall global risk associated with “Omicron” was assessed as “very high”

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original title: who report: the overall global risk related to “Omicron” is assessed as “very high”

b38f26b4303843d - The who reported that the overall global risk associated with "Omicron" was assessed as "very high"

according to these characteristics, there may be a surge in covid-19 globally in the future, This may have serious consequences; But it depends on many factors, including where a surge in the number of infections may occur

on November 26 local time, who held an emergency meeting to discuss the new crown variant strain of b.1.1.529. After the meeting, who issued a statement, listing it as the highest level “variant of concern” and named it Omicron It is only two days since the mutant was found.

the who said that Omicron is a highly differentiated virus variant, containing a large number of mutations, including 26-32 peak mutations. Some of them are worrying and may be related to its potential immune escape ability and higher transmissibility.

the mutation of the virus in spike protein More than 30, which may lead to the ineffectiveness of the existing vaccines. Because spike protein is not only the key used by the virus to open the door of our body cells, but also the target of most vaccines.

at present, scientists still know little about it. According to the who, the main uncertain factors are as follows:

how the transmission of Omicron is and whether the increase in the number of infected people is Related to its immune escape ability? How effective is the existing vaccine in preventing infection, transmission and clinical diseases, and how protective it is against death? Does the variant show different severity characteristics.

who said that around these key problems, public health recommendations will be adjusted with the emergence of more evidence