“Two people’s world” is on the air, with Guo Jingfei and Wang Luodan acting as partners

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Beijing, Nov. 16 (Xinhua) the TV series “two people’s world” will be broadcast tonight. As the first TV series in China that is all shot and produced with 8K UHD TV technology, the play will lead the audience into the struggle history of “new Shanghainese” and witness the development and changes of Shanghai in the past 17 years

“Two people’s world” is on the air, with Guo Jingfei and Wang Luodan acting as partners

“the world of two people” is directed by Mengji and starred by Guo Jingfei and Wang Luodan. It tells the story of two “Shanghai floating” young people, from meeting, knowing each other to falling in love and growing up and struggling together

the play is the first TV play that Shanghai radio and television station and Shanghai Culture Radio, film and Television Group Co., Ltd. (SMG) tried to broadcast in large and small screens after further promoting the implementation of the all media strategy with “bestv + streaming media video platform” as the core product. “Two people’s world” was produced with “8K whole process”, which is the first time in domestic TV dramas. The so-called “whole process” refers to the whole process from shooting period, pre production and post production, synthesis period to film output, which is completed by 8K equipment and post platform supported by rendering factory

it is reported that the 8K image quality is 4 times higher than the 4K resolution, and 16 times higher than the mainstream 1080p resolution. 8K technology can make the portraits in the picture show extraordinary delicacy and color reduction. In the play, no matter the age marks on the green bricks of Shanghai alley, or the texture of the character’s skin, you can see every trace. Industry experts said that two people’s world took the lead in applying 8K technology to the field of TV dramas, which will trigger the change of domestic film and television shooting and production technology and lead China’s film and television industry into the “8K era”

in the plot Trailer broadcast at the press conference, Li Wenjia (Wang Luodan) and Xu Dongyang (Guo Jingfei) meet and separate in the torrent of fate and meet again. They supported each other and worked together from acquaintance to love to the formation of a family

“Two people’s world” is on the air, with Guo Jingfei and Wang Luodan acting as partners(1)

seeing the wonderful presentation of the trailer, Guo Jingfei lamented that his experience has many similarities with Xu Dongyang: “I can even vaguely smell the tension of wandering alone in a strange city when I came to Shanghai to study in 2000.”

when interpreting the role, Wang Luodan said: “Li Wenjia’s story tells the mood of all vagrants who want to get a foothold in big cities. They want to take root here and keep their loved ones around, but this process is not easy. The bitterness will resonate with all those who are working hard.” She also remembered the daily life of Shikumen buildings and streets presented in the play. “After shooting so many plays in Shanghai, this play let me experience the real Shanghai culture and human fireworks.”

the emotional relationship between the two CP pairs in the play also has their own points. Guo Jingfei joked: “we look like’Lang Bucai, female characteristics’.” Wang Luodan thought that Dongyang and Wenjia were “like a’robot cat’, they were able to give each other the relationship they needed, but they also added a lot of trouble to each other”. She even gave a special CP name at the scene – “Dan (Dan) Jing (frightened)”, which made the whole audience laugh

Wang Wenna and Shao Wen describe the feelings between Chen Xiaojuan and Li Qi in the play, which is more bitter. One is “asking for trouble” and the other is “too difficult”. It seems that the two people who have been in love for ten years in the play have also gained different growth

“Shanghai has temperature, Shanghai citizens have warmth, Shanghai life is very warm, and Shanghai stories are very warm. This play presents the great spirit of the city from the perspective of ordinary people. It is the story of every” Shanghai drift “and the ordinary happiness we create with our hands.” Cui Yi summarizes the theme of the world of two people, Director Mengji also explained his life stream works in the video greeting: “we don’t shoot the so-called Shanghai in the pictorial, what we want to shoot is the steaming human truth under the tall buildings in Shanghai.”

it is reported that the world of two has also produced many movie soundtracks, and Zhang Bichen, Liu Xijun, Wang Zhengliang and Zhang Lei are invited to contribute to the play. The play will be premiered exclusively on Oriental satellite TV from 19:30 tonight, on blockbuster TV at 22:00, on blockbuster IPTV screen exclusively and synchronously, and the 4K version of culture and broadcasting interaction will be premiered