Virgin Galactic will send the first winner into space

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Keisha said in a press release: “I have loved flying all my life and am fascinated by space. This is really a dream come true for me.”

the lucky draw was with omaze, a fund-raising company In partnership with space for humanity, a non-profit organization that wants to ensure an inclusive future in space

Virgin Galactic announced in July that it planned to draw out the winners of two seats on its spacecraft. Before that, its unity 22 mission was successfully launched and returned to send Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson into space. According to Virgin Galactic, more than 100000 people donated to the lucky draw, which is expected to attract $1.7 million within eight weeks after its launch in July. The proceeds will be used for “human space” and its citizen astronaut program

in 2021, a new era of private and civil space missions began. The first civilians were notable for their extreme wealth, including Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Virgin Galactic’s Branson. More private people are spending hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to reserve a seat for future flights

however, companies and wealthy space tourists have also been trying to make it possible for those who can’t afford to travel. In September, SpaceX’s inspiration 4 space flight included billionaire investor Jared isacman and three others. Isacman gave three seats he bought to ordinary citizens

in addition to winning a space ticket, Keisha also won the opportunity to visit the US space port in New Mexico. There is no news about when her trip will take place