Why is the fourth wave of epidemic in Greece more severe than before? The real reason is

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Beijing, Nov. 15 (Xinhua) according to the Greek times, Greece has more than 800000 newly diagnosed cases. Especially since November, the number of new confirmed cases in a single day has set a record for many times. The analysis pointed out that the continuous deterioration of the epidemic situation in Greece may be related to the fact that the vaccination rate has not met the requirements of universal immunization and the little effect of the blockade

Why is the fourth wave of epidemic in Greece more severe than before? The real reason is

it is reported that on November 14 local time, the Greek National Public Health Organization announced that in the past 24 hours, 3869 new crown confirmed cases have been added in Greece, and a total of 831874 cases have been confirmed at present. On the same day, 80 new crown deaths were added, with a total of 16766 deaths

compared with the previous wave of epidemic, the fourth wave of epidemic had a greater impact on Greece. In the last wave of epidemics, the peak number of newly confirmed cases in Greece was 2646, the number of deaths due to COVID-19 was 18 on the same day. p>

at first, the Greek government and people hoped that the epidemic could be controlled by the end of 2021, but at present, this goal is far from reaching

in the face of the daily surge of cases and the high number of deaths, people can’t help asking: “what is the reason for the outbreak of the fourth wave of epidemic in Greece?”

the national immunization barrier has not been established

Nikos zanakis, Professor of lung disease at the school of medicine of Crete University, said in an interview: “We did not expect this outbreak to happen, because we believe that the vaccination rate in Greece can reach 70% to 75%. But in fact, 3 million 500 thousand people (including children) have not been vaccinated in Greece, so they have become a breakthrough for COVID-19 to attack humans. After infection, they are easily transmitted to those who have completed the vaccination.”

Why is the fourth wave of epidemic in Greece more severe than before? The real reason is(1)

the report points out that if the vaccination rate is increased, Greece will be another scene: no more than 1000 new crown confirmed cases are added every day, because the death toll of the new crown is only single digits, and there are 60 to 70 severe cases.

zanakis also stressed that, Vaccination is the only way to overcome the epidemic. However, the vaccination rate in Greece is far from universal immunization.

he said that if you want to achieve the goal of establishing a universal immunization barrier, the vaccination rate of Xinguan vaccine needs to reach at least 80% to 85%. However, at present, it seems that this goal can only be achieved through the infection of 100000 people. 63% of people have been vaccinated Miao, novel coronavirus pneumonia, has established a chain of protection for the Greek national health system.

Za Nakis said that in the summer of 2021, Greece had seen the power of COVID-19’s Delta mutant strain, but the high temperature temporarily relieved the impact of the delta strain.

reported that it had been “taken” by the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Two years later, Greek scientists believed that the blockade should not be imposed again.

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zanakis believes that the social and economic blockade has only one purpose, that is, to alleviate the pressure on the national health system, but it can not really solve the problem. Greece has carried out Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been blocked by 3 major blockades, but he said there was no other way to fight against COVID-19 except to build a universal immune barrier.

zhonas also believed that if the number of new crowns tested by unvaccinated people increased from summer, it would be possible to contain fourth waves.

Environmental Engineering Education “We have almost focused our attention on vaccination, so Demosthenes Sarigiannis has gradually relaxed the policy. In March this year, the whole country has tested COVID-19 in self testing mode. It is an innovation. And other social activities are gradually returning to normal when vaccination is being carried out,” he said.

therefore, Sari Giannis believes that in the face of COVID-19, the government needs to formulate an integrated strategy, that is, focus on vaccination, and promote the establishment of multiple lines of defense, and adhere to the “two errors” in prevention and control of vaccination and vaccination. (Tan Shuyin)