Work together in the same boat to the future — written at the end of the fourth China International Import Expo

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Work together in the same boat to the future — written at the end of the fourth China International Import Expo

Xinhua news agency, Shanghai, November 10 – Title: working together in the same boat for the future – written at the end of the fourth China International Import Expo

it is another year of Dan Guixiang, where China and the world meet and blend

the 4th China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai from November 5 to 10

one exhibition gathers the world – in six days, nearly 3000 exhibitors from 127 countries and regions gathered in the exhibition hall

one exhibition benefits the world – 144 hours, with a cumulative intended transaction of US $70.72 billion. Old friends or new friends, the world’s top 500 or small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, “come and return with satisfaction”

gather wisdom in one exhibition – dozens of forums, the global political and business circles stirred up ideas and sought consensus around the era proposition of “what’s wrong with the world and what we should do”</ P>

China novel coronavirus pneumonia pull together in times of trouble. The world economy is recovering from a rough road. People from all countries need to work together to overcome difficulties. China is willing to work together with other countries to build an open world economy and let the open spring breeze warm the world. “President Xi Jinping’s speech on the opening ceremony again released the strongest voice.” p>

the “four leaf clover” rooted in the global open soil is becoming more and more lush and growing. On the new journey, more wonderful stories are being written…

(I) take the boat of cooperation – the appointment of the East and move forward bravely

“finally’get on the boat’!” hobby, who has been thinking about entering the Expo, finally got his wish in the fourth session

“post-90s” habi comes from Pakistan and studied in China. Having missed the first three sessions of the Expo, he took action early this year and finally got the “ticket”. Unexpectedly, there was still a “regret” —

“it sold so well that there was no time to replenish.” he scratched his head and smiled. The 100 salt lamps he brought with Pakistani characteristics were booked up in only one morning

hobby is not alone. Although the epidemic is still spreading, it can not stop exhibitors from going to the appointment as scheduled

“these 21 days are worth it!” ginas, the representative of France zhiao Convention and Exhibition Group in China, completed the “14 + 7” centralized isolation, community health monitoring and corresponding nucleic acid detection in advance in order to participate in the exhibition

the German Beiersdorf group, which has a history of nearly 140 years, participated in the Expo for the first time this year. Ten years ago, for the construction of “four leaf clover”, this enterprise took the initiative to let the factory house land; Ten years later, the enterprise returned to “four leaf clover”. “It is the opportunity to enter the Expo and the vigorous development of China that brings us together again,” said Xue Wei, managing director of Northeast Asia of Beiersdorf group

all mountains and seas can be leveled across mountains and seas. Among the countries participating in the online national exhibition this year, Congo (Brazzaville), Kiribati, Mauritius, Solomon Islands and Palestine participated in the Expo for the first time

during the exhibition, business can also be discussed on the “cloud”: in the exhibition area of Japan Trade Promotion Agency, many tablets are equipped in front of the booth. Exhibitors in Japan are waiting at any time for remote negotiation

under the cold wave of the world economy, China’s first China International Fair has become a boat of cooperation leading to hope and light, winning the broad trust of guests and friends from all over the world

“China International Import Expo should not only be held every year, but also be at a high level, effective and better.” this is China’s commitment to the world at the opening ceremony of the first China International Import Expo

in the past four years, no matter what difficulties and challenges we face, we always come to the Expo as promised

more and more friends – the fourth China International Fair not only has more exhibitors than last year, but also has a new high exhibition area. The “return rate” of the world’s top 500 and industry leading enterprises has also exceeded 80%

the radiation area is expanding more and more — the fourth China International Fair is the first to set up a new plate of cultural relics and works of art; Add a number of sub industry innovation incubation zones and integrated circuit zones; Launch the ice and snow sports experience area in combination with the Beijing Winter Olympic Games

exchanges are getting deeper and deeper – the four platforms of international procurement, investment promotion, people to people exchanges and open cooperation of the Expo are becoming more and more prominent. Various forums not only focus on economy and trade, but also pay attention to regional economic development such as the integration of the Yangtze River Delta; Intangible cultural heritages and time-honored Chinese brands brought by many provinces across the country have become a unique landscape…

from the cumulative intended turnover of the first Expo to the current US $70.72 billion, contracts, orders and interactions have gathered into bundles of light of Expo, bringing hope to the depressed world economy under the haze of the epidemic

(II) sail the sail of opening up – share opportunities and walk against the wind

“in less than 2 hours, we got the business license and business license on the spot!”

on the morning of the 5th, the fourth China International Fair issued the “first license and first license” – the representative of the Chinese exhibitors of Germany functional fabrics exhibition set up a new exhibition service enterprise in Qingpu, Shanghai

entering the Expo is not only a platform to “buy and sell the world”, but also a window to observe China’s expansion of high-level opening-up

On November 10, 20 years ago, the Fourth Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization held in Doha, Qatar, adopted the decision on China’s accession to the WTO

a special exhibition on the 20th anniversary of China’s accession to the WTO attracted much attention at this Expo. Through photos, images and objects, the audience’s thoughts echo between history and reality

since China’s entry into WTO, China’s total tariff level has decreased from 15.3% to 7.4%, which is lower than the WTO commitment of 9.8%; Supachai, former director general of the WTO, said that China’s WTO accession commitment is the most in-depth and extensive among all members. It has not only relaxed market access for goods and services on the original basis, but also reached a higher level in some fields

continuously reducing the negative list of foreign investment access, expanding the pilot Free Trade Zone, issuing the negative list of cross-border service trade of Hainan free trade port, and taking the lead in completing the domestic approval of the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RCEP)… A series of opening-up measures proposed at the previous three China International Fair have been basically implemented. It has always been the case in China that words must be kept and deeds must bear fruit

China’s opening-up sail is high, rain or shine –

looking around the world, unilateralism and protectionism are on the rise, economic globalization has encountered a countercurrent, the world opening-up index has been declining in the past 10 years, and the ranking of China’s opening-up index has risen from 62nd to 40th</ P>

“the determination to expand China’s high level of openness will not change. The determination to share opportunities with the world will not change. The determination to push economic globalization towards a more open, inclusive, inclusive, balanced and win-win development will not change.” the three “not changing” mentioned by President Xi Jinping in the keynote speech of the opening ceremony, will be changed in the. Once again, inject “certainty” into a world with increasing instability and uncertainty

the new measures put forward by China at this Expo will further promote the balanced development of trade and firmly share market opportunities with the world

from the first exhibition in China, to the first show in Asia, and then to the global debut; From Chinese stores, to Chinese factories, to China Innovation Center… More and more exhibitors choose to enter the Expo, focusing not only on the “Spotlight” effect, but also on China’s opportunities

more than 400 new products, technologies and services will be displayed in this fair

“the Expo brings a strong signal that China will unswervingly promote high-level opening-up and share market opportunities with the world. As a multinational enterprise investing in China for a long time, we are encouraged,” said Song Weiqun, senior vice president of Johnson & Johnson global and chairman of China

China has a population of more than 1.4 billion and more than 400 million middle-income groups, and imports about US $2.5 trillion in goods and services every year. The Chinese market has truly become the world market, the shared market and everyone’s market

from 36 square meters for the first time to 198 square meters now, an Kerui’s “growth record” is the epitome of the development trend of the Expo. Cao Yongsheng, President of ankerui Asia Pacific region, said that the more exhibitors, the stronger the “attachment to the Expo”. Embracing the Chinese market is to embrace the world and the future

(III) counting the benefits of the world – people paddle, wind and rain walk together

the small booth of more than 20 square meters has no complex digital light and shadow technology, and only one laptop circularly plays the product introduction. Ali, a carpet dealer from Afghanistan, said that as long as he sold a large handmade wool carpet, he could ensure the life of an ordinary local family for nearly a year