Wuhan: the artistic talent apartment with a monthly rent as low as 600 yuan is popular with college students studying in Han Dynasty

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The monthly rent of hardbound room is as low as 600 yuan, with convenient transportation and rich and colorful life

literary and artistic talent apartment is popular with college students studying in Han Dynasty

3001752295 - Wuhan: the artistic talent apartment with a monthly rent as low as 600 yuan is popular with college students studying in Han Dynasty

a college graduate is reading quietly in the leisure area on the top floor of his apartment

Wuhan: the artistic talent apartment with a monthly rent as low as 600 yuan is popular with college students studying in Han Dynasty

combination design of light industrial wind in talent apartment

Photo by Leng Jinghua, reporter of Changjiang Daily

□ Leng Jinghua, reporter of Changjiang Daily

there are not only spacious and bright playground, blue and simple shared yoga room, shared small theater with the sense of old factory, small kitchen in open space, but also twice a week… On November 8, the reporter of Changjiang Daily visited and learned that, The talent apartment hidden in the alley of the old community in Wuchang District was jokingly called the Wuhan version of “love apartment” by young residents because of its fashionable design and literature. It was “snapped up” only half a month after it was launched

■ sharing yoga rooms and small theatres, the most fashionable “collocation” makes people bright

This talent apartment in Wuchang hides in wuche Village Road, an insignificant alley in the old community. The gate like a coffee house of talent apartment is very eye-catching compared with the old houses in this old street. An old resident sitting on the street told reporters: “you go straight along this path and see the particularly beautiful door, which is the place where college students live.”

This talent apartment is called “wufangqujia”, covering an area of 2600 square meters. It is one of a series of characteristic centralized apartments built in Wuchang District. It has just been rebuilt in July this year, There are 54 sets of rooms with an area ranging from 25-55 ㎡. The monthly rent of 25 ㎡ room is about 600 yuan, and the monthly rent of 55 ㎡ room is about 1300 yuan, which is lower than the market price

through the gate like a cafe, you can see a spacious and bright “courtyard”, with badminton courts and electric vehicle charging piles. Many “shared huts” are arranged on the first floor: shared yoga room, shared laundry room, fun home small theater, shared kitchen, etc. at the door of the room on the second floor is a row of corridors and air leisure platform, and there are clothes drying shed and drying rack on the third floor

“really, this is what my ideal youth community looks like!” Deng Ying, a college graduate living here, repeatedly said this sentence when interviewed by the reporter. “It’s convenient to walk five minutes to the bus subway station. It’s convenient to shop and buy vegetables. It’s only three digits a month for a well decorated one bedroom.” “what’s your imagination about renting a house? There are public kitchens, video rooms, billiards, treadmills and yoga rooms here.” “all the young people who live within five years of graduation are really happy to get along with. You can find your housekeeper aunt if you have any problems.” Deng Ying showed reporters her strategy after her first visit to the apartment

■ the talent apartment is full of literature and art

“in order to better meet the aesthetics of today’s young people, we have transformed the apartment into a literary and retro light industry style.” beauty boss Zheng Fang said

the reporter observed that the walls of the fitness area are painted with parking warning lines, humorous cultural and creative style slogans, tables and chairs painted with tin gasoline barrels; Beside the container type color bar, the wall column is artificially chiseled with uneven effect, and the retro iron wall lamp is hung; In front of the big screen, a lapis lazuli blue armchair refitted by hand polishing and painting of the old bench is particularly eye-catching

Zheng Fang said that in order to create a personalized scene, many decorative small objects in the apartment are retrieved one by one. Although it takes time and effort, it is very interesting

■ get together at least twice a week here

Deng Ying said that although the decoration style can brighten people’s eyes, college graduates living here know that this “love apartment” life mode is the most attractive place

“we have a’leading brother’ who can organize all kinds of activities.” Deng Ying said that the leading brother’s real name is Zheng Yi. He is an “all-around hand” who works nearby – he can not only be a fitness coach, but also do business and travel photography, and has first-class activity organization ability

with Deng Ying’s introduction, the reporter went upstairs to visit Zheng Yi’s room. Zheng Yi, 22, looks very artistic. She wears a pair of glasses and lives in a loft house. Zheng Yi’s room is specially decorated, with a strong literary atmosphere – a large black soft leather sofa, which makes people feel the urge to “nest in” at a glance; The color rotating effect lamp emits soft and gorgeous light. Two big stereos seize the open space in front of the sofa, and the front wall becomes a natural projection screen; Further inside are carpeted open spaces and low cabinets, on which there are many books; Upstairs is the rest area, with comfortable big beds and soft quilts, “because I work in the apartment most of the time, I have high requirements for the room”

Zheng Yi said that she likes to be lively, so she built an apartment wechat group. “2-3 parties are organized in the group every week to watch movies, read books and have dinner in different ways”

Deng Ying, an old frequent customer, said excitedly that dinner is a “group” for everyone. First, go to the old vegetable market nearby to buy ingredients. When you come back, you can cook together. If you can’t cook, you can brush the dishes. The division of labor is clear. After dinner, some people go home for lunch break, some play billiards or table tennis, others go to the nearby park for running and cycling, “life is too rich!”

“the happiest time is the weekend or holiday.” Deng Ying said that there is a small terrace on the third floor of the apartment, on which a group of people sit to blow and chat, or taste tea, drink wine and drink coffee in a shared restaurant, Buddy brother make complaints about the movie theater. “I have gained 5 pounds a week!”

, “a real college student, is a very ideal place to live.” Zheng Yi said that the apartment is equipped with complete, intimate and safe, and young people’s community. Outside the apartment, the transportation and entertainment are very convenient. “As soon as you go out, it is the old street where the old residents of Wuchang live. In the cry of Wuhan dialect, the breath of life is particularly strong. The apartment in the central urban area is like a paradise for peace in the midst of trouble”

■ Wuchang District has added more than 6000 talent apartments in the past four years

in the second half of 2017, Wuchang district began to build talent apartment projects in response to the requirements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government for millions of college students to study in Han

“due to the shortage of land resources and few houses, it is difficult to find projects suitable for talent apartments. Wuchang District has been exploring multiple channels to raise houses.” according to the relevant person in charge of Wuchang District Housing Administration Bureau, since 2018, Wuchang District has explored the use of commercial houses and idle state-owned assets to create personalized and intelligent “cultural style apartments”, Walk out of a differentiated operation route

according to the person in charge, there are three main types. One is centralized talent apartment, focusing on creating personalized characteristic shared space; The second is the decentralized talent apartment, mostly community style hall and room houses, mainly in a fashionable and comfortable style; The third is the cooperative market of long-term rental apartments

it is understood that in order to meet the demand, Wuchang District Talent apartment also explores the online and offline operation management system for outgoing line, including online house selection, online signing, payment and rent return; There is a strong service team of housekeepers and cleaners offline. They report things online for repair and respond immediately offline

at present, Wuchang District has raised 26 talent apartment projects with 6138 houses, mainly distributed in core business districts such as Zhongbei Road, Xudong, East Lake, fruit lake, bairuijing and along the subway. Due to its superior geographical location and good environment, it is deeply welcomed by college graduates. At present, the rental rate is more than 95%. It is reported that 70 talent apartments will be launched next month