XCMG shows high-quality “innovation” and “innovation”

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On November 16, a high-standard industry event opened in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province. With high-quality “innovation” and “innovation”, XCMG hoisting machinery presented a visual feast of “thousand ton super flagship and new C series new products”

XCMG shows high-quality “innovation” and “innovation”

the activity site (XCMG provided the picture)

in the middle of the exhibition hall, two xca1600 chassis are steady, and the thick and vigorous arms lift up one xca130l7c respectively, with their eyes extended upward. The xct12l5 is fixed in the air under the support of two “100 ton new kings”, The overall shape is in the shape of a mountain peak, which is magnificent when viewed from a distance, implying XCMG’s continuous progress and self breakthrough, symbolizing XCMG’s unremitting pursuit of high-quality development

“since the beginning of this year, XCMG has focused on the national strategic background marked by’high technology + new energy + low-carbon economy’, focused on the technical directions of’100 meter high-altitude performance of super crane, heavy load transfer, safety control and precise control’, continued to overcome difficulties, and innovative achievements have bloomed frequently.” vice president of XCMG machinery Sun Jianzhong, general manager of hoisting machinery division, introduced in his speech

XCMG shows high-quality “innovation” and “innovation”(1)

in addition, the famous “hybrid prince” xct25 in World War I of BMW Exhibition_ EV’s glorious return, accelerated driving, ultra-low noise and other new energy advantages attract customers to interact frequently; Six 100 ton C series new products perform crab walking on site, which is a perfect display of the combination of XCMG’s mature technology and lean carving. The largest dynamic product exhibition in the engineering crane industry fully demonstrated XCMG’s confidence in product quality and reliability

products are the core elements of market competition, both for manufacturing enterprises and lifting users. XCMG continued to enhance its leading edge in technology and created a new batch of good, value-added and competitive products

under the challenge of the forward-looking layout of the national “double carbon” strategy, xca1800 (Qingfeng No. 3) and xcc2000 (Qingfeng No. 4), representing the technological innovation achievements of China’s super crane, are jointly launched to refresh the new height of global wind power installation, help the double growth of global new energy construction, and inject the surging power of made in China

this time, it has achieved 100% localization. Five new c-series cranes are listed as milestone products for the localization of high-end all terrain cranes. It has reached the world leading level in lifting performance, power performance, intelligent level and handling level

XCT25_ As the world’s first plug-in double drive hybrid crane, ev marks that China takes the lead in breaking the energy technical barriers in the field of global engineering cranes, leads China’s engineering cranes to overtake in the golden track of “new energy”, and sends the strongest voice of high-end technological progress of “energy conservation, emission reduction and green environmental protection” to the industry

on site, a series of new products, including super cranes, are delivered to customers in batches to participate in the construction of global key projects

Introduction by Su Zimeng, President of China Construction Machinery Industry Association: “Manufacturing enterprises represented by XCMG stick to their main business, continue to cultivate deeply, achieve fruitful results in independent innovation, outstanding achievements in major technical equipment, outstanding achievements in green development, further improve product performance, quality, reliability and durability, achieve domestic initiatives in many technological breakthroughs, and some have reached the world’s advanced or even international leaders.”

at the event site, XCMG also released “Double carbon declaration” and “alliance summit action initiative” XCMG not only breaks new records in terms of scale, products, technology and operation quality, but also drives all leading enterprises in the industrial chain to climb Mount Everest and climb to the top together, so as to highlight the brand strength of made in China and hoisting in the world.

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XCMG Wang Min, chairman and party secretary of XCMG Machinery Co., Ltd. (drawings provided by XCMG)

“It has always been XCMG’s development goal to climb the Everest. This goal has always been integrated into the journey of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. XCMG will unswervingly achieve the high-quality development goal of’high quality, high efficiency, high efficiency and sustainability’ in good times and adversity, and help the great rejuvenation of the nation.” At the ceremony, Wang Min, chairman and party secretary of XCMG Machinery Co., Ltd., fully demonstrated XCMG’s belief and confidence in the world.

from the seventh place in 2017, to the historic top three in the world, and then to the strong ascent of the whole series of hoisting machinery to the first in the world, XCMG has always adhered to the original intention of the industry and continuously launched the global industry Everest on behalf of China’s construction machinery Impact, high-quality fight in the “World Finals track”.

China’s market is huge, and a “double cycle” development pattern has been formed. XCMG should not only actively practice the concept of green development, take the initiative to shoulder the responsibility and responsibility of building ecological civilization, take the lead in realizing “carbon peak” in the industry in advance and strive to achieve “carbon neutralization” The goal is to lead the high-quality development of the industry with green, low-carbon and sustainable development