Z324 plateau train builds “Tianlu delivery room” for mother and child safety

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Xining, November 13 (Yao Jianghong, Chen long, Qi zengbei) the reporter learned from China Railway Qinghai Tibet Group Co., Ltd. on the 13th that on the z324 train from Lhasa to Chengdu at 3:22 a.m. on November 12, a Tibetan passenger gave birth to a 6-kilogram baby boy, and his mother and son were safe

it is reported that at 2:50 a.m. on November 12, Qin Haofeng, a steward of hard seat carriage No. 8, found that Yuncao, a Tibetan passenger No. 92 in the carriage, suddenly had severe abdominal pain. After inquiry, he learned that Yuncao was pregnant and was ready to give birth in Xining. The conductor immediately informed the train doctor to rush to the scene, and the doctor diagnosed that the pregnant woman was about to give birth

2:55, the conductor Liang Siyu immediately reported the specific situation of the company’s passenger dispatching and depot dispatching, and requested to arrange an ambulance at Golmud station to be on standby at any time; The conductor Zhong Shanli transferred the passengers to the soft sleeper carriage, built the temporary delivery room of the train, and found a medical worker engaged in obstetrics and Gynecology through the plateau health registration card collected by the train to assist the doctor on board to deliver the baby

Z324 plateau train builds “Tianlu delivery room” for mother and child safety

the picture shows the station staff and 120 emergency personnel carrying the pregnant woman on a stretcher. At the same time, the conductor informed the train inspector to raise the temperature of the train, took out the temporary production bag, brought the pure oxygen cylinder on the train, fetched boiled water according to the doctor’s requirements, took out the brand-new bedding and other spare parts of the train, and completed all the preparations in just ten minutes

at 3:22, with the joint efforts of the train staff and medical staff, Yuncao gave birth to a boy weighing 6 kg, and the mother and son were in good health

at 7:55, the train arrived at Golmud railway station. The station staff and 120 emergency personnel immediately went forward to carry the pregnant woman on a stretcher and sent it to the first people’s Hospital of Golmud through the green channel. (end)