80 year old people take videos to sigh loneliness. How should old people living alone live?

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Mobile phone client Beijing 2 December (reporter Ren Siyu) “Hello, everyone, good morning, I am, a person is too lonely, my children are not at my side… I am 80 years old, and now I can say, playing with friends, playing the sound of shaking, sending lonely time…”

closest, eight days in Hunan Zhuzhou grandmother speak to the phone video caused netizens hot tiktok, she said. I have four children and eight grandchildren, but they are busy making a living and can’t be with me. They often feel lonely

many netizens left messages to send blessings. Some people cried, some thought of their relatives, and some commented that we should really care about the life of the elderly living alone

80 year old people take videos to sigh loneliness. How should old people living alone live?

how lonely are the elderly living alone

in the video, grandma said she was an optimist, but sometimes lonely: “I don’t know how to live. I’m too lazy to cook three meals a day. In the past, people said I cooked the best food, but now I don’t eat it myself…”

in fact, she understands her children very well. They are all for livelihood and family, and they are very filial, I’m just old and want to “express our common feelings of the elderly” through a short video

grandma’s story moved and saddened many netizens. What is the state of the elderly living alone? What kind of care and company do they need

according to the data of the seventh national census, there are 260 million people aged 60 and over in China, accounting for 18.70% of the total population. Population aging is an important trend of social development. It has become a norm for the elderly to choose to live alone actively or passively

the recently concluded variety “summer under the eaves” also showed the audience the lives of some elderly people living alone in cities. Among them, the “house girl” life of actor Liu Xuehua was the most discussed by netizens

after Mr. Liu Xuehua, 62, has lived alone for 10 years. She rarely goes out with two dogs on weekdays, and her life is monotonous: feeding dogs, playing tablet games, talking to her family, and the TV at home is broadcast 24 hours a day

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many netizens pointed out that although the elderly guests in the program live in an international metropolis such as Shanghai, have good health and excellent living conditions, they still have many common problems faced by the elderly in this era

for example, Liu Xuehua usually lives alone and worries that “no one knows when she falls accidentally”. She also has very limited knowledge of smart electronic products at home. After five or six years of using smart phones, she can only make and answer calls, and the TV can only be turned on and off. If someone accidentally presses other buttons, she won’t operate

today, with the rapid development of digitization and intelligence, young people, as indigenous people in the digital society, can accept the edification of the Internet era and enjoy all kinds of conveniences of life without obstacles. But without guidance and help, the elderly can easily become a group of aphasia

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“I hope children remember the old man”

in the program, three old people living alone with completely different personalities mentioned the mood of “afraid of trouble and don’t want to add trouble to others”. By observing their daily life, netizens also feel the loneliness that the elderly at home seldom say

for example, Grandpa Zhu, who seems to live a natural and unrestrained life, actually misses his granddaughter very much. He often looks at the photos of his granddaughter, but never takes the initiative to contact him. He always says “she’s very busy” and is worried about the chattering of the elderly

in the program, two young people prepared birthday surprises. Grandpa Zhu, who said that he couldn’t celebrate his birthday, was very moved. “In this society, the old man really wants the children to remember the old man.”

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if the love of the elderly for their children is “don’t bother them”, The children often think of the old man as “not tired of them”. In the program, grandma Wei, an 82 year old retired teacher, talked about her life. She said that after her husband died, because the children were busy working, she and her granddaughter were busy all day and didn’t feel lonely

but when her children reached the retirement age, she suddenly had nothing to do. The family worried that she was old and wouldn’t let her do anything. They always said, “Oh, don’t do this. You’re old and have a rest.”

grandma Wei felt very uncomfortable with the change from a busy host to a guest. She felt like she was “put aside”, He became an idle man

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psychology professor Zhang Yiyun believes that the elderly care in the 21st century should focus more on taking care of the feelings of the elders, and children’s filial piety should be based on making their parents happy and respecting their own ideas

recently, the opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on strengthening the aging work in the new era was released. The document proposed to “encourage adult children to live nearby or live together with their elderly parents” has aroused heated discussion. Summer under the eaves arranged for three elderly people living alone to live together with a number of “Shanghai floating” young people, so that they could get along under the same eaves for 21 days

many people were not optimistic at first, thinking that the generation gap was too large and there were too many differences in living habits, but the guests broke everyone’s traditional prejudice: the elderly are not all conservative, but willing to embrace new things

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grandpa Zhu, 89, repeatedly stressed that he could talk with young people and was not eliminated by the society. Grandma Wei, 82, often went to the University for the elderly to have classes. She was good at writing and was willing to accept and participate in rap music

in the last few programs, everyone was pleasantly surprised to find Liu Xuehua’s changes: she did not like to go out, she began to break through herself, went out to walk her dog, played happily in the game hall, planned home stay camping activities, and even began to study the bullet screen of the video website. Driven by the young people, the old people have shown another kind of vitality

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it is a way of life for the elderly to choose to live alone, but it is indispensable for their spiritual understanding and companionship

in fact, to help the elderly, we must first be willing to take the initiative to understand and fully understand them. Old people have stories, personalities, hobbies and enthusiasm. They also need to be listened to and recognized, and need to find a sense of value and belonging

when they can still exert their residual heat in different places and find a wonderful life, aging may not be such a terrible thing. (end)