A community in Chengdu has distributed “welcome gifts” for 14 consecutive years

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A community in Chengdu has distributed “welcome gifts” for 14 consecutive years

2127483629 - A community in Chengdu has distributed "welcome gifts" for 14 consecutive years

residents receive “welcome gifts”

happiness is sometimes a touch with texture, which can be material or spiritual. To sum up, it is a sense of spiritual gain after all

Jiulonghu community, xihanggang street, Shuangliu District, Chengdu has distributed collective asset income to residents in the form of consolation products before the Spring Festival for 14 consecutive years. 12 kg of pork, 10 kg of rice and 10 kg of rapeseed oil are within reach. Therefore, the community is no longer a sojourn Hotel, but a home for the soul

the year is approaching, and many people are looking forward to this year’s “year-end bonus”

from December 29 to 31, 2021, at the elderly activity center of Jiulonghu community, xihanggang street, Shuangliu District, Chengdu, more than 4500 residents received “year-end awards” including pork, rice and edible oil again. It is understood that Jiulong Lake community will distribute the collective asset income to residents before the Spring Festival every year, which has lasted for 14 years. “Each resident received 12 kilograms of pork, 10 kilograms of rice and 10 kilograms of rapeseed oil.” Lin Fengying, deputy secretary of Jiulong Lake community, said that the community distributed 54000 kg of pork, 45000 kg of rice and 45000 kg of rapeseed oil to residents, with a total value of about 1415250 yuan

the line began at 8 o’clock. Residents: “the annual flavor is particularly strong”

at noon on December 31, 2021, when the reporter came to the door of the community activity center, a long line had been lined up here. At the exit, some residents can be seen pulling carts full of new year goods. “I came here at 8 o’clock. I have lived here for more than 10 years. I send almost the same things every year, but this year’s pork is two kilograms more than before. Now the welfare is getting better and better.” An aunt told reporters

“according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, we organize everyone to queue up and release in an orderly manner.” Lin Fengying took the reporter to the ticket office. “Residents report their information here first, and the staff will distribute two tickets after registration. The red one is pork ticket, and the white one is rice and oil ticket.”

the reporter noticed that the message displayed on the ticket of an aunt nearby was “No. 67, group 9, Jiulong lake, 4 people”. In this regard, Lin Fengying explained, “the family sent a representative to receive it. For example, there are four people in her family, who can take 48 kilograms of meat, 40 kilograms of rice and oil.”

at the scene, the residents waited for the staff to call the number, lined up to themselves and then submitted pork tickets. They put the heavy pork on the cart and went to get the rest. “I used to work outside. At this time of year, I can feel the strong flavor of the year, and I have a strong sense of happiness.” Said a young man who was moving things

community and residents jointly run enterprises, and the reward is increased this year

why can Jiulong Lake Community persist in providing “welcome” consolation products for residents for 14 years? In the view of Zhao Qingyu, Secretary of the Party committee of Jiulong Lake community, the return on collective assets is indispensable

it is reported that since 2003, the community has begun to attract investment. “At that time, 62 enterprises were recruited to rent the land in the hands of residents in the name of the community and then invite investment.”

“the collective economy has been developing slowly. In 2007, we began to divide meat. Until 2020, it was 10 jin of pork, rice and oil. This year, we began to raise the pork standard to 12 Jin.”

in 2009, the community ushered in a turning point in its business model. “The community and residents jointly funded the establishment of Chengdu Guoyu Investment Management Co., Ltd. its business scope includes property management, seedling planting, hotel operation, pig breeding, etc.” It is reported that by 2021, the assets of the company and community have exceeded 120 million

referring to the future work plan, Zhao Qingyu stressed that the community will continue to expand collective enterprises, rely on the community collective economy, and continuously promote the development of community economy, creating community scene and providing community services in the work of Party building leading community development and governance, so as to realize Co Construction, CO governance and sharing

Chengdu Business Daily – Red Star News reporter Zheng ran

Photo Report by intern reporter Huang Panpan