A heavy blow! After losing the lawsuit, Biden restarted the trump era immigration policy

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On December 3, according to a report on the Chinese website of the United States, after the legal action to revoke the trump administration’s “stay in Mexico” policy was blocked, the Biden administration of the United States finalized the details of re implementing the policy on the 2nd local time

it is reported that the official name of the “stay in Mexico” policy is “migration protection protocols” (MPP), which was implemented by the trump government in 2019. The policy has led to a surge in the population of immigration camps in Mexico’s border cities

A heavy blow! After losing the lawsuit, Biden restarted the trump era immigration policy

on April 6, 2019 local time, border patrol officers were searching for illegal immigrants in Palmview, Texas

US President Joe Biden withdrew the policy when he took office at the beginning of this year and criticized it as “inhumane”. In April this year, Texas and Missouri sued the Biden government

in August, a federal judge in Texas ordered the Biden administration to resume the “stay in Mexico” policy. After the Biden government filed an urgent appeal, the conservative majority Supreme Court decided not to intervene in the case and upheld the original judgment, which dealt a heavy blow to the Biden government and frustrated immigration defenders, who believed that this policy violated domestic and international laws on asylum seekers

a senior DHS official said that after the policy is re implemented, the United States will help coordinate the provision of housing for asylum seekers in Mexico. The official said the United States will also arrange for immigrants to stay away from some more dangerous border cities

the United States also plans to provide immigrants with transportation to and from the port of entry when they need to enter the United States to attend court hearings

however, the Biden administration retained the core part of the “stay in Mexico” policy – banning asylum seekers from entering the United States, forcing them to live in another country and wait for lengthy immigration court procedures

over the past few weeks, the United States and Mexico have been discussing how to re implement this policy. Mexico believes that the United States needs to provide assurances that immigration courts can hear asylum seeking cases faster

officials of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security previously told reporters that their goal is to try asylum cases within about six months and establish tent courts near the border to speed up the trial

Mexico stressed that vulnerable groups – the elderly, people with health problems and homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders – should not be targeted by the plan

senior officials of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said that in this regard, the staff of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will take the initiative to ask all immigrants whether they are worried about the security of returning to Mexico. Those with “credible fear” will be given 24 hours to find a lawyer so that they can stay in the United States