Avoid “dark panic” in cities under extreme disasters and build a strong local power grid in Shenzhen

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Shenzhen, December 8 (Zheng Xiaohong, Wang Ruoyu, Yang Jingjing) in the underground powerhouse of Shenzhen Pumped Storage Power Station, four generator units not only solve nearly one-third of the peak valley difference demand in Shenzhen, but also start the unit grid connection and load as soon as possible within 3 minutes, and the maximum power transmission per hour can reach 1.2 million kwh. In case all four units are shut down, the power station also has a “power restoration ignition”

“re energized ignition” refers to the black start power supply. It is a generator set that can be started without relying on external power when the whole power system is shut down and in a “black” state due to extreme disasters, so as to drive the power grid to restore power supply. At present, Shenzhen has three black start power supplies, which are respectively connected to the East, middle and west of Shenzhen to ensure that power can be restored from three regions in case of an accident. Among them, the black start experiment completed by Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau and Nanshan Power Plant using energy storage device is the first project integrating “black start”, “energy storage auxiliary frequency modulation” and “source load storage integration” in China, filling the gap in relevant technical fields in China

Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid said on the 8th that in the face of extreme disasters, how to avoid the city falling into the “dark panic” of blackout, a strong local power grid is the “lifeline” of disaster prevention, disaster resistance and light protection

recently, the southern regulatory bureau of the National Energy Administration organized an on-site safety assessment of Shenzhen strong local power grid. After appraisal, the expert group headed by three academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering agreed that Shenzhen strong local power grid has reached the leading level in China, including intelligent construction of power transmission and transformation equipment, uninterrupted operation of distribution network, self-healing technology of distribution network The research, application and technological innovation field of independent, safe and controllable power equipment has reached the international advanced level. Shenzhen has become the first city in China recognized by energy regulatory authorities and industry experts to basically build a strong local power grid

Avoid “dark panic” in cities under extreme disasters and build a strong local power grid in Shenzhen