Behind the bright “xueruyi” is the stable guarantee of these posts

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Behind the bright “xueruyi” is the stability guarantee of these posts

the reliability of green power supply in the core area by the power support team has reached the “six nines” level

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160 acme xp-20rbsw beam lamps are used for the platform jumping of the Winter Olympics 104 A-cut pattern lamps and 8 30W full-color laser lamps are distributed in the main area, spectator stands and back square, which are mainly used for the atmosphere lighting effect of special lighting links before and after the game

on December 5, the Beijing ski jumping and Nordic intercontinental cup test competitions were all over. During the test competition, the national ski jumping center held three events: Men’s and women’s ski jumping and Nordic skiing. When the competition ended in the evening, “xueruyi” and cross-country venues also provided wonderful light shows for athletes. Behind the bright snow Ruyi is the full guarantee of the positions of all teams in the test competition. According to the team responsible for the power supply guarantee during the test competition and the Winter Olympic Games, the reliability of the power supply team for the green power supply in the core area has reached the level of “six nines”, that is, 99.9999%, so as to ensure the dedication of high-quality, environmental friendly and reliable power energy for the Winter Olympic Games

the national ski jumping center is the largest ski jumping venue in the world. The main architectural design is inspired by the Chinese traditional ornament “Ruyi”. The circular top of the platform, the track profile and the bottom stand are perfectly integrated with the S-shaped curve of the Chinese traditional mascot “Ruyi”, which is vividly called “xueruyi”. During the test competition, “xueruyi” venue and cross-country skiing venue lit up the sports display light show in the evening after two Intercontinental Cup competitions, showing the brightest side of “xueruyi” venue for athletes from all over the world. After the competition, these athletes from all over the world expressed their appreciation and gratitude to the track and the work of the staff

behind the glittering venue is the efforts of the team responsible for technology and power support. According to Huo Dawei, power manager of the national cross-country skiing center, the venue power support team is mainly composed of employees of the State Grid Corporation of China. Since the test activity in February this year, four competition venues and five non competition venues support teams have been established successively. More than 600 people participated in the support team and conducted a comprehensive physical examination of the permanent power facilities of the venues. Since August this year, according to the power demand during the Winter Olympic Games, the construction of temporary power for OBS, media operation, venue operation, athlete comprehensive area and so on has been fully started

according to Li Xiaohu, who is responsible for power grid monitoring and emergency organization, the power team has established a power grid emergency plan, signed a power safety notice with the business field on the power side, and all power equipment has been counted and monitored. At the power supply side, an emergency plan is developed for all equipment, which is divided into four levels according to the importance. “For particularly important loads, we set up double ups to ensure power supply. The next important level is to set up single UPS, followed by double power supply and single power supply, so as to finally achieve the reliable power supply of’six nines’.” Li Xiaohu said

according to the team, all electric energy used in Zhangjiakou competition area during this test competition and the future Winter Olympic Games is “green electricity”. Huo Dawei introduced that Zhangjiakou is rich in wind, light and other renewable resources. “The installed capacity of new energy in Zhangjiakou has exceeded the traditional installed capacity. For every 10 degrees of electricity generated here, more than 5 degrees are clean electricity. The installed capacity of new energy has exceeded the installed capacity of the Three Gorges hydropower station, known as the Three Gorges on the dam,” Huo Dawei said. During the Winter Olympics, the green electricity generated by new wind and light energy in Zhangjiakou will not only light up the Zhangjiakou competition area, but also contribute to the Green Olympics in Beijing

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