Chancellor Merkel’s last regular video speech during her term of office: “I want to say thank you”

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China News Agency, Berlin, December 4 (reporter Peng Dawei) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is about to officially step down, delivered her last weekly video speech during her term of office on the 4th

Chancellor Merkel’s last regular video speech during her term of office: “I want to say thank you”

on October 26 local time, German President Steinmeier officially handed over the notice of the end of his term of office to Merkel, who has served as German Chancellor for 16 years, at the government resignation ceremony

“direct to Chancellor Angela Merkel” is a video podcast program on the official website of the German Chancellor’s office. Merkel usually appears every Saturday to introduce the latest policies of the country to the German public and respond to social concerns

since her successor Scholtz will be sworn in on December 8, Merkel said at the beginning of the program on December 4 that this is the last time she has communicated with her compatriots in this way

she said that it was more than 15 years since the first podcast. At that time, it was quite unusual for a head of government to communicate with the public so directly on the Internet

“I can’t believe it when someone calculates that the program has been broadcast for more than 600 episodes.” Merkel said that she can clearly remember that the first episode was in June 2006, when the World Cup football match hosted by Germany was about to open. She said that her wish at that time was that the world cup could become a grand festival both inside and outside the stadium, “that’summer fairy tale’ made my dream come true”

more than 600 podcasts covered several major topics of German federal government policies, from sustainable development, culture, security to digitization, equal rights, combating anti Semitism, and then to agriculture and energy transformation. Merkel said that what these topics have in common is that they are all about “how we cultivate and maintain things that unite people in Germany”

in different periods of her career as chancellor, Merkel also tried different forms of podcasts. For example, she has invited representatives from different fields to ask her direct questions on hot issues in her industry. As a German Chancellor who attaches importance to relations with China, she also invited a Chinese student studying in Germany to join this program in 2016 and directly asked her questions about bilateral relations</ P>

because COVID-19 in Germany is still very grim, Merkel’s last podcast had to leave most of his space to the epidemic. p>

“please take this cunning virus seriously.” Merkel said that the fourth wave of epidemic in Germany is at a very severe stage, and the epidemic situation in many regions can only be described as “dramatic”. The virus takes a lot of lives every day, which is frightening ”

“please get vaccinated.” Merkel again called on people to get vaccinated—— No matter what injection is needed. She also thanked those who remained rational and complied with the epidemic prevention rules at this difficult time. “You constitute the majority of our country. You show the spirit of citizens every day. This spirit makes our country so beautiful. Without this spirit, the vision of any Premier and government cannot be realized.”

Merkel said that there will be difficult times in the next few weeks. Only joint efforts can overcome this test. “I sincerely wish that we will usher in victory together.”. She wished the people every success, good health, a meditative Christmas season and a happy Christmas

“I want to say thank you,” Merkel said finally. (end)